Official Title: Emeritus Professor

Faculty: 商學及法律學院


Short Bio

Michael Trimarchi is Emeritus Professor, with the Faculty of Business Law. He holds a PhD in Management (International Business/Marketing) and a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours in Economics. As part of his Academic duties he has travelled regularly to Hong Kong, mainland China, and Macau since 1996, and has lived within the Greater China region, primarily in Macau and Hong Kong, since 2007. Michael’s previous appointments with the University of Saint Joseph include Associate Professor, Marketing and International Business (2015-2021) and Coordinater of the MBA Program (2016-2021). positions of Associate Professor (2010-2013), and Visiting Professor (2013-2015) with the Faculty of Administration and Leadership. Before moving to the region Michael held positions at 3 Universities in Australia; most recently Michael held a number of positions in International Business and Marketing in the Faculty of Business at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where he also administered the International Business Program. Michael has taught and supervised students from many parts of the world. In particular, his experience in the Greater China region has enabled him to gain a strong grasp on how to effectively communicate and engage with students, in English. His primary areas of teaching include courses across Marketing, and also in International Business with a focus on International Marketing/Strategy, and Global Business Management/Strategy. Michael’s PhD was awarded by The University of Queensland, attracting a Dean’s Commendation for Outstanding PhD Thesis. His special interests in research include the study of international business relationships, including business networks, with a focus on the interactions of Chinese and Western businesses. His research has achieved publication in well ranked European journals, and received an award for Best Paper in International Marketing within the European International Business Academy. Michael’s experience in industry includes marketing and management positions across companies in both Australia and Hong Kong.


Selected Publications:

  • Tang, Pou I, Boey., Trimarchi, Michael., and Negreiros, Joao. 2013, Financial Worldwide Crisis: The Anti-Counter Cycle of Australia, Journal of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Cankiri Karatekin University, Vol.3, Issue 2, pp.253-268.

  • Chan, Wai Ip., Trimarchi, Michael., and Negreiros, Joao. 2012, Management Transition in South Korea: A Case Study, Asian Journal of Business and Management Sciences, 2 (6), pp.53-68.

  • Trimarchi, M., Liesch, P.W., and Tamaschke, R. 2010, A study of Compatibility Variation across Chinese Buyer-Seller Relationships, European Journal of Marketing, Vol.44. No.1/2, p.87-113.

  • Trimarchi, M., Liesch, P.W., and Tamaschke, R. 2010, International Business Relationships Triads: Classical-Type and Relational-Type Interactions between Chinese and Western Firms. In: Proceedings of the 36th European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference, Porto, Portugal, 9-11 December 2010. Conference Award Recipient of the Emerald International Marketing ReviewAward for Best Paper in International Marketing.

  • Trimarchi, M. 2008, Transnational Network Underpinnings of Hong Kong Chinese Family Businesses, in Gupta, V., Levenburg, N., Moore, L., Motwani, J., and Schwarz, T. (eds.), Culturally-Sensitive Models of Family Business in Confucian Asia – A Compendium Using the GLOBE Paradigm; A Compendium on the Family Business Models Around the World (ten volumes), ICFAI University Press, Hyderabad.

  • Trimarchi, M., and Liesch, P.W. 2006, Business Communication in Interactions between Mainland Chinese and Western Firms through Hong Kong Chinese Intermediaries, European Journal of Marketing, Vol.40, No.11/12, pp.1210-1235.

  • Trimarchi, M., and Tamaschke, R. 2004, Coordinations in Interactions between Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, and Western Actors, International Business Review, 13(3), pp.309-329.

  • Trimarchi, M. 2003, International Business Trading Relationships: Sourcing Products from Mainland China, Chapter 27 in Nagel, P. (ed.), Supply Chain Management: A Procurement Perspective, Hargreen Publishing, Australia. A reference book published by the Australian Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management.

  • Pyatt, T. R., and Trimarchi, M. 1998, Inter-organisational Interaction in Intra-Asia Business: A Four Country Study, Asia Pacific Business Review, Summer, Vol.4, No.4, pp.36-52.

    Dissertation Supervisions

Ph.D in Business Administration

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