Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Education.  This is a large and vibrant community of students, teachers and academics who are keen to understand societies and their members, and to promote, societal, community and personal well-being. The three main disciplines of the Faculty serve these very well: education, social work and psychology.

The Faculty is working in rapidly changing and exciting times.  Societies are shifting and futures are uncertain, locally, regionally and internationally. Your studies here can make a significant contribution to shaping the present and the future. We combine academic study, employment-related programmes, and values-based, whole-person development of its members.

Our diverse programmes offer students an active and engaged approach to learning that integrates teaching and learning with academic study, personal development, practical experience, collaboration and research.  With staff and students coming from all over the world, our Faculty draws on up-to-date developments, international and local perspectives, cultures, and experiences. Our experienced teachers, practitioners and active researchers are dedicated to providing a quality education and driving the advancement in knowledge, understanding, and creativity. Studying in the Faculty will broaden your outlook on life.

A significant feature of many of our programmes is field experience. We have an extensive network of partnerships with practitioners in education, social work, together with psychologists and counsellors in the community. Our partnership with the community ensures that students gain practical experience in real-life contexts and receive the preparation they need to succeed in a range of careers.

We are committed to developing societies, the people in them and, of course, you.

Last Updated: September 8, 2021 at 2:18 pm