Official Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor (Visiting Academic)

Faculty: 宗教研究及哲學學院


Short Bio

Rev. Dr. Cyril Jerome Law, Jr., BA, MA, STB, JCL, MCL, PhD (London), FRAS 劉偉傑神父

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Faculty of Religious Studies and Philosophy, University of Saint Joseph, Macau 澳門聖若瑟大學宗教研究及哲學學院客座助理教授

Chancellor, Catholic Diocese of Macau 天主教澳門教區秘書長

Academic Coordinator, St. Joseph Diocesan Seminary, Macau 澳門聖若瑟修院學術主任

Chaplain, Univerity of St. Joseph, Macau 澳門聖若瑟大學校牧

Chaplain, St. Joseph Diocesan College 6, Macau  澳門聖若瑟教區中學第六校校牧

PhD Theology, Heythrop College, University of London 倫敦大學海斯羅珀學院神學系哲學博士

JCL, St. Paul University, Canada 加拿大聖保祿大學教會法律碩士

MCL, University of Ottawa, Canada 加拿大渥太華大學教會法律碩士

STB, Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome 羅馬宗座額我略大學神學學士

MA Philosophy, Holy Apostles College & Seminary, USA 美國聖宗徒學院修院哲學文碩士

BA Philosophy, Franciscan University of Steubenville, USA 美國施道本維爾方濟會大學哲學文學士

Certificate of English Language Teaching, SPACE University of Hong Kong 香港大學持續進修學院英語教學証書

Member, Canon Law Society of America 美國教律學會成員

Fellow, Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland, 英國皇家亞洲學會院士

Previous Positions:

Member, Screening Committee, The XXII Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association (2019) 第十二屆國際比較文學大會審議委員會成員 (Literature of the World and the Future of Comparative Literature), Macau

City University of Macau (History of Social Philosophy) 澳門城市大學 (社會哲學史)

Tutorial Assistant, Heythrop College, University of London (Church History) 倫敦大學海斯羅珀學院神學系研討教學助理 (教會史)

Queen's College, Hong Kong (English, History) 皇仁書院 (英語,歷史)

Maria College, Hong Kong (English) 瑪利亞書院 (英語)


Published Articles

‘Minimising Maximum Illud: Early Resistance to Missionary Inculturation in China 小看了「夫至大」:抵制傳教本地化的早期勢力’, Orientis Aura (to be published)

‘Translating Two Minds in the Tradition of One Faith: Considerations of Intercultural Dynamics in the parallels of Joseph Ma Xiangbo and John Henry Newman同一信仰傳統中翻譯兩大思哲的跨文化互動考量:以若望亨利紐曼與馬相伯為例', in Sacred and the Everyday: Comparative Approaches to Literature, Religious and Secular, ed. Stephen Morgan (Macau: University of Saint Joseph Press, 2021).

‘Newman and the Ministerial Priesthood’, Friends of the Ordinariate 2018 Autumn/Winter Edition, Issue 10.

Humilitas in Virginitate – Reflections on Humility in the Context of Consecrated Virginity Drawing from Augustine and Thérèse of Liseux’, Claretianum vol. III (LII) (2012) 241-267 (Rome: Istituto di teologia della Vita Consacrata)

Cantus Universalis – A Glimpse at the Supra-cultural Value of Gregorian Chant’, Sacred Music vol. 137 (2010) 7-12 (Church Music Association of America)

‘Reflecting on the Quest, the Zest, and the Rest of John Henry Newman (1801-1890)’ 「紐曼樞機(1801-1890) 皈依的心路歷程」, Chinese Cross Currents vol. 7.2 (2010)158-172 (Macau Ricci Institute, 2010) (Bilingual article)

Book Review

Law, Cyril Jerome, Jr. (2018), ‘The Catholic Invasion of China: Remaking Chinese Christianity’,  by D. E. Mungello (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2015), Heythrop Journal 59 (2):393-394.

Translations (Chinese to English)

王美秀 著 「2010中國天主教觀察」 ‘An Eventful Year of 2010 for the Catholic Church in China’, in Yearbook of Chinese Theology 2016 中國神學年鑑 (Leiden, The Netherlands: Brill, 2016)

趙建敏 著 「忠孝精神,人本精神,終極精神 ──中國社會轉型中的信仰轉換」 ‘The Spirit of Loyal-Piety, the Spirit of Humanism, and the Spirit of Ultimate Finality—The Faith Paradigm Shift in the Transforming Chinese Society’, 神洲交流Vol. 7.3 (澳門利氏學社2010)

CD Booklet of the Álbum do Coro Perosi – Selection of Macao Choral Works from the Beginning of the 20th Century to the Present (Macau Inter-University Institute & Coro Perosi, 2008)

Sara Sam Chi Hei, ‘Music Activities of the Macao St. Joseph Seminary in the 20th Century”, Choral Sound: Journal of Sacred & Choral Music No. 1「二十世紀以內澳門聖若瑟修院音樂活動之初探」(Macau Inter-University Institute & Edition Music Contact, 2008)

Selected Chapters in The Dream Continues—Centenary of The Salesians of Don Bosco in China「夢境延伸─慈幼會來華百周年紀特刊」(Hong Kong: Don Bosco Publishing Services, 2006)

Translations (Latin to Chinese)

劉偉傑編譯Cantica Pia et Hymni Devoti – ad usum fidelium communitatum 「拉丁文聖歌集附中文譯義」(澳門聖若瑟修院/Poikilos Press, Beijing, 2012).

Translations (Italian to English)

Guido Milanese, ‘Newman and Gregorian Chant’, in AntiphonA Journal for Liturgical Renewal vol. 20.2 (2016) 123-150.

 Translations (Italian to Chinese)

Giorgio Bernardelli, Padre Lido – Missionario ed Eroe Nascosto tra Cantù e Hong Kong (Milan: PIMEdit, 2011) 「隱世英雄明鑑理神父 (1916 – 2007):一位服務香港半百年的意大利傳教士」(香港公教真理學會2013)

Co-Translator and Redactor for the Chinese edition of the Liturgical Reflections of a Papal Master of Ceremonies (Newman House Press, 2011) 「教宗司禮長禮儀論集」(香港良友之聲出版社 2013)

La Storia dell’Almo Collegio Capranica「羅馬卡普拉尼卡公學之歷史」(2011)

Arturo Cattaneo, 30 Domande Scottanti sul Celibato Sacerdotale 「司鐸獨身問題」(from, Aurora 澳門教區晨曦周報(July 2011).

Translations (English to Chinese)

Editor and Translator of the Companion to the Catechism of the Catholic Church – A Compendium of Texts Referred to in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Ignatius Press, 1994).「天主教教理引文匯編」(Work in progress)

Sean Innerst, ‘On the Sacrament of Confession’ 「論修和聖事」, O Clarim 號角報 (18/03/2018)  

Bernard Doering , ‘Jacques Maritain on the Church’s Misbehaving Clerics – Sacramental Function, Pastoral Dysfunction’「馬里旦論教會的失職神職人員──聖事的功能與牧民上的失常」, 神洲交流Vol. 7.3 (澳門利氏學社2010)

Conference Papers/Lectures

澳門童軍及幼童軍支部2021年度天主教專科徽章工作坊 (09/05/2021)

「紐曼樞機:兩心對話,一生皈依」澳門紐曼樞機藝文館開幕活動系列專題講座 (06/12/2020)

‘Minimising Maximum Illud: Early Resistance to Missionary Inculturation in China 小看了「夫至大」:抵制傳教本地化的早期勢力’ Evangelisation by Local Missionaries: Maximum Illud Lecture Series 福傳本地化:「夫至大」通諭專題學術講座系列, University of Saint Joseph, Macau (13/11/2019)

‘Translating Two Minds in the Tradition of One Faith: Considerations of Intercultural Dynamics in the parallels of Joseph Ma Xiangbo and John Henry Newman同一信仰傳統中翻譯兩大思哲的跨文化互動考量:以若望亨利紐曼與馬相伯為例’, Comparative Literature and Religious Studies Round-table, ‘The Sacred and the Everyday’, XXII Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association 國際比較文學學會, University of Macau/University of Saint Joseph (30/07/2019) 

‘The Vital Signs of Roman Catholic Liturgical Music among the Cantonese-Portuguese-English Speaking Communities in Macau 羅馬天主教禮儀聖樂在澳門粵葡英三語群體間之生命力’, 國立臺灣大學音樂學研究所 Graduate Institute of Musicology, National Taiwan University (10 /05/ 2019)

「馬相伯研究的點線面 – 生命、史料、信仰」(On Ma Xiangbo Studies) 輔仁大學天主教史研究中心 Institutum Historiae Ecclesiae, Academia Catholica, Fujen University (07/05/2019)

‘Joseph Ma Xiangbo – the John Henry Newman of China? An Attempt to Rehabilitate an Underdog “Father” of Chinese Catholicism 若瑟馬相伯 – 中國的若望享利紐曼? 試替一位無名的中華公教教父振聲’, Macau Ricci Institute Forum, St. Joseph Seminary, Macau (09/04/2019)

澳門天主教教理培育委員會《天主教教理》卷二「基督奧跡的慶典」課程講師  (On Part Two The Celebration of the Christian Mystery of the Catechism of the Catholic Church) Diocesan Catechetical Formation Commission, Macau (Jan 2019)

澳門城市大學社會工作系主講「天主教社福服務宗旨及中港澳發展概況」(On the Principles and Development of Catholic Social Services in China, Hong Kong, and Macau) Department of Social Work, City University of Macau (26/11/ 2018)

「聖母軍與紐曼樞機」(On the Legion of Mary and Cardinal Newman) 香港九龍玫瑰堂 Rosary Church, Kowloon, Hong Kong (07/11/2018)

澳門天主教聖經協會小磐石聖經研讀課程「默示錄12-18章」講師 (On The Book of Revelation Chapters 12-18) Macau Catholic Biblical Association (17& 31/05/ 2018)

「從啟示到良心–馬相伯的教會及教育觀」(From Revelation to Conscience –Ma Xiangbo’s Ideas on the Church and Education)「馬相伯與比較經學」學術研討會Ma Xiangbo and The Comparative Study of Classics Conference, 復旦大學哲學學院 School of Philosophy, Fudan University (16-17/11/2017)

澳門理工學院藝術高等學校主講「額我略讚及唱經彌撒的結構」(On Gregorian Chant and the Structure of the Missa Cantata) School of Arts, Macao Polytechnic Institute (21/09/2016)

‘Newman & Our Lady’, Latin Mass Society Annual Pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Willesden, Diocese of Westminster, UK (31 October 2015)

‘The Jesuits and the “Cicero of China”: Ma Xiangbo (1840-1939) and the Development of Chinese Higher Education’, at the Heythrop College 400th Anniversary Conference, Senate House, University of London (19-20 June 2014)

上海光啟音樂學校「首屆全國華語聖樂論壇」主講「額我略讚」(On Gregorian Chant) Guangqi Music School, Diocese of Shanghai (August 2009)


Contributor of primary research findings to Prof. Li Tiangang’s continuing collection of materials related to Ma Xiangbo, including 「马相伯逝世后国内外悼念信息」 ‘Obituaries Published in China and Abroad Upon Ma Xiangbo’s Death’, in《徐汇文脉》(Publication of the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Xuhui District of Shanghai) (2014) No.2, pp. 1-6 and the on-goingin project 「馬相伯軼文」‘The Uncollected Writings of Ma Xiangbo - Unpublished Manuscript for the Opera Omnia of Ma Xiangbo’.  

Editor, 10th Anniversary Bulletin, Tridentine Liturgy Community, Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong 2001-2011.

Proofreader, Holy Mass Illustrated – Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite「彌撒聖祭圖解」(Hong Kong: Vox Amica Press, 2011)

Member of Editorial Board, Choral Sound: Journal of Sacred & Choral Music (Macau Inter-University Institute & Edition Music Contact).


Year 1 Bachelor