Official Title: Assistant Professor | Programme Coordinator for the Postgraduate Diploma in Education | Director of the Teachers' Professional Development Centre

Faculty: 教育學院


Short Bio

Dr. Van Man Isabel TCHIANG is the Centre Director of the Teachers' Professional Development Centre, the Program Coordinator for the Post Graduate Diploma in Education and the Assistant professor of the School of Education at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ). She received her Bachelor degree majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry from the State University of New York, College in Brockport, USA. Dr. Van Man Isabel attended the Inter-University of Macau (IIUM), gaining Outstanding honours in both her Master and Doctoral degrees before embarking on an academic career, which has embraced teaching both undergraduate and post graduate students at USJ since 2013.

Her main research interests are education policy, teachers’ behaviour and perception on teaching and learning, professional training, parental involvement and school cooperation.  Lead projects sponsored by the Macao Foundation since 2015, and recently has been working on projects in related to the Education Reform in Macao.



Team leader for the Macau Foundation funded project:

2020 Implementation of STEM activities in a Macao primary school

2018  Secondary teachers’ attitudes toward curriculum reform in Macau

2017 Kindergarten and primary teachers’ attitudes toward curriculum reform in Macau

2016 Grade Retention in Macau: Teachers’ Believes and Attitudes



Journal Article

Isabel Tchiang, V.M. (2017). TEACHERS’ PERSPECTIVE ON THE MACAO EDUCATION REFORM POLICY. PEOPLE: International Journal of Social Sciences, 3(2), 1309-1322.

Book Chapter

Correia, A., & Tchiang, V.M. (2019). Principal Perspective. In D. Couzens, A. M. Correia, & K. L. C. Ho (eds.), Perspectives on Inclusion, pp. 38-49. Macau Foundation.

Conference Papers/Proceedings

Tchiang, V.M.I. (2023). Impact of Curriculum Reform on Macau Infant Education. Paper presented at the Seminar of Professional Exchange Program in Early Childhood Education, Hong Kong, China.

Tchiang, V. M. I. (2022). Exploring project-based learning and a collaborative teaching practice in Macau primary school. Paper presented online at  The 10th European Conference on Education (ECE),  London, United Kingdom.

Ge, R. & Tchiang, V. M. I. (2020). School-based curriculum of moral and civic education in Macau religious schools. Paper presented at the 2nd Summit of Hong Kong – Macao Youth Education and Development, Guangzhou, China.

Tchiang, V. M. I. (2019). The Challenges for Teachers on the Implementation of Education Reform Policy in Macao. Paper presented at ISER-735th International Conference on Education and Social Science (ICESS-2019), Seoul, South Korea.

Monteiro, E. & Tchiang, I. (2017). English language teaching in five local secondary schools in Macau. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference of Language, Literature, Culture and Education, Bangkok, Thailand.

Tchiang, I. (2016). Teachers’ Perspective and Behavior on Macau Education–Why do they want to be teachers? Paper presented at the XVI World Congress of Camparative Education Socities, Beijing, China.

Tchiang, V. M. I., Monteiro, E., Lopes, C. & Found, A. (2016). Grade retention in Macau: teachers’ beliefs and attitudes. Paper presented at the Asian Conference on Education, Kobe, Japan.

Tchiang, V. M. I. (2010). Teacher Development in Correlation to Parental Involvement in Macau. Paper presented at the 2nd East Asian International Conference on Teacher Education Research, Hong Kong, China. S.A.R.

Tchiang, V. M. I. (2006). The Impact of Powerful Economic Forces on Macao’s Secondary Schools: A Complexity Theory Perspective.  Paper presented at the APERA The Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association – International Conference 2006, Hong Kong, China. S.A.R.



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