Official Title: Adjunct Assistant Professor (Visiting Academic)

Faculty: 教育學院


Short Bio

Chan Teng Fong (Stephen Chan), Ph.D. in Education, has worked in Macao broadcasting organizations for more than 10 years, as a radio program producer and host. Currently the office director of the Diocesan Catholic Education Commission, responsible for the administration, coordination, and development of educational affairs in the Diocese of Macau, and serves as a lecturer and tutor for teaching interns in the Post-Graduation Teacher Diploma Program of the University of St. Joseph, and is a qualified secondary teacher in subject Moral and Civic Education.

Completed a bachelor's degree in Public Administration at Macau Polytechnic Institute, a Master of Education at the City University of Macau (received the Henry Fok Foundation Scholarship), also a Ph.D. in Education in the same school. In addition to education work, also pays attention to the growth and development of young people, relevant social positions include: a member of Youth Council Macao SAR, Deputy Secretary-general of the Hong Kong and Macao sector of the Jiangsu Provincial Youth Federation.

Main research areas include: Catholic Education, Educational Leadership, and Educational Policy.



Year 1 PGDE
3 credits