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Professor Keith Morrison has worked in higher education for 40 years, in the UK and South-East Asia, formerly at the University of Durham, UK and, since 2000, in Macau, where he has been Dean of a School of Education, Registrar, Director and Adviser for Institutional Development, and a university Vice‑rector.  He is currently Vice‑rector at the University of Saint Joseph, in Macau.  He is the author of 20 academic books and, until 2021, he was the Co‑editor of the international peer‑reviewed journal Educational Research and Evaluation.  He has conducted consultancies for governments, companies, organizations, and institutions in the UK, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, South Africa, Singapore, USA, Hong Kong, and Macau, and he has produced reports, papers and technical reports for government agencies and officers in several countries. He has been a reviewer for 25 international journals and for several leading international book publishers, and is on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Management in Education and is a regular contributor to Macau Business. He is in the top 10 of Google Scholar's world's most cited authors in education. Before moving into higher education he taught in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in the UK.  He has worked on research, consultancy and development projects in schools and teacher education.  He has been a prize‑winning music scholar and cathedral choral scholar/lay clerk; he is an organist, a member of the Royal College of Organists and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  His recent work in higher education academic and administration fields has been in research methods, quality assurance, accreditation, educational development and training for higher education academic and administrative staff.


Keith Morrison is the author of 20 academic books, including: Student Engagement, Higher Education, and Social Justice (with C. Bramley); Replication Research in Education; Taming Randomized Controlled Trials in EducationResearch Methods in Education (several editions) (with L. Cohen & L. Manion); Causation in Educational ResearchManaging Complex Change in School (with A. Salcedo); School Leadership and Complexity TheoryManagement Theories for Educational ChangeImplementing Cross‑curricular Themes; A Guide to Teaching Practice (several editions). Several of his books have been translated into different languages. Until 2021 he was the Co‑editor of the international peer‑reviewed journal Educational Research and Evaluation. He has >100 academic journal papers, >50 international conference papers, chapters in 15 books, and >300 other educational publications.  At the time of writing his citation profile is:

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