Official Title: Assistant Research Professor

Faculty: 科學及環境研究所


Short Bio

Alexandre Lebel holds a bachelor's degree in anthropology (UdeM, Canada), a master's degree in environmental sciences and management (USJ, Macao SAR), and a doctorate in education (USJ, Macao SAR). Alexandre Lebel is interested in ethnolinguistics, semiotics, and cultural preservation. He wrote his doctoral dissertation on the grammar of Macao Creole Portuguese. He is also a professionally qualified technician (CEGEP SL, Canada) in water treatment technologies, with experience in the public and private sectors. In Macao, Alexandre Lebel participated in several environmental science and education projects concerning aquatic pollution and bioremediation strategies. He is currently studying the impact of ocean acidification on fish communication and behavior.



Year 1 Master
Year 1 Bachelor
3 credits