Official Title: Registrar | Assistant Professor

Faculty: School of Business


Short Bio

Jenny Oliveros Lao Phillips is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Administration and Leadership, and the Head of Public Relations Office in the University of Saint Joseph (USJ). She holds a PhD in Business Administration awarded with the highest honor of summa cum laude from USJ in 2015.

Jenny was born and educated in Macau. She holds a bachelor degree in Tourism Business Management from the Institute for Tourism Studies, where she also received a higher diploma in Hotel Management and undertook specialised management training in public relations.

She finished her MBA at USJ (IIUM) in 2003 with a thesis on customer satisfaction. Then, diverging from her management studies, she devoted her time in studying literature, and completed an MA dissertation on "The Ritual and the Sacred in Peter Shaffer's Theatre". In 2008, she was awarded a Master of Arts in English Literature with the highest grade of "Excellent" from the University of Macau.

Her research interests include family business management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, tragedy and the modern theatre. Jenny is also a Cantonese/English interpreter, a translator, a writer and a poet. Her first children's novel The Legend of the Chinese Zodiac was published in 2006. Her poems, poetry translations and articles have appeared in Poesia Sino-Occidental,, The Drunken Boat, Poetry Sky, and other publications and local press. She has a bi-weekly column "Made in Macao" in the English newspaper Macau Daily Times.



Oliveros Lao Phillips, J. (2015). Succession in Chinese Family Business: Transgenerational Transmission of Social Capital in Macao. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Saint Joseph.

Oliveros Lao Phillips, J. (2015). Succession of social capital in Chinese family businesses. Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference of Business and Social Sciences, Osaka, Japan. 838-845ISBN:978-986-89298-7-6



Children's Novel: Legend of the Chinese Zodiac (2006). Macao: Association of Stories in Macao.

Short Story: Snow White?. The University of Macau Jubilee Story Book for Girls and Boys (2006). Macao: The University of Macau.



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