Official Title: Senior Lecturer

Faculty: Faculty of Creative Industries

Research Field: Creative Industries


Short Bio

Filipa Martins de Abreu is a designer focusing on innovative digital experiences based on engagement and fun, aimed at fostering creative behaviours in learning environments.

She, first joined the University of Saint Joseph in Macau SAR as a visiting lecturer, and is presently a senior lecturer at the Faculty of Creative Industries, teaching Graphic and Interactive Design, History of Art, Project and Design Management as well as Interactive Technologies. Currently she is also a PhD candidate in the Doctoral program in Science and Technology of the Arts/Interactive Art.

Simultaneously as a researcher and designer her passion lies on digital and interaction design, with focal points in game design, research and development. User-centered design, creativity, psychology and meditation methodologies are also part of her research interests that share a facet with game design. Her current research focuses in game design, tangible interactions and mobile platforms in the learning environment.

Between 2005 and 2014 she worked for various private and public corporations as a researcher, lecturer, project leader, design manager and creative director, in Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau focusing on R&D, game design, marketing strategies and solutions, digital interactive products and branding.




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Year 1 Bachelor
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