Official Title: Coordinator for the Bachelor in Business Administration | Assistant Professor

Faculty: School of Business


Short Bio


Prof. Ansoumane Douty DIAKITE is an Assistant Professor at University of Saint Joseph, Macau. He is affiliated to the faculty of Administration and Leadership since 2009. He was also from the 2009 to 2012 the Co-coordinator of the Center for African Research and Development Studies (CARDS). He is currently the Coordinator of the Bachelor in Business Administration since September 2016.

Regarding his academic background, he got PhD in Government Studies and he developed expertise on the nexus between foreign aid (China and France'aid) and poverty reduction in Africa and precisely in Guinea.

He completed his undergraduate studies at the branch of the University of Sorbonne, Paris 1 in Cairo, Egypt (Institut de Droit des Affaires Internationales, IDAI) from 2002 to 2006. His major was International Business Law

After 4 years in Cairo, he came to Macau in 2006 to prepare his  Master Degree in Law at the University of Macau (English-language Master in European, International and Comparative Law). He graduated in February 2009 and his research interest was  international dispute resolution between foreign investors and host states.

In addition to his master degree, he got several diplomas in Macau and outside Macau. The first one, the Graduate Studies Program (GSP) Certificate was issued in July 2007 by the United Nations Office in Geneva; the second one,  the  Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration was issued  jointly in March 2008 by the Macau Legal and Judicial Training Center and Hong Kong's Charter for International Commercial Arbitration ; the third one,  the Diploma in International Trade and Investment Law  was issued in July 2008 by Macau Academy of International Trade and Investment Law,Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM); the fourth one, the Diploma in Culture and Sustainable Development was issued in 2012 by the Institute of European Studies of Macau (IEEM).

In 2015 respectively he got a certificate on the Principles of Macau Legal System (training organised by the Rui Cunha Foundation) and participated in the training course organised by the University of Saint Joseph on Project Management.

Diakite has been involved as well in extracurricular activities. He was one of the founding members of the Association for the promotion of African Business Law in Cairo (10 April 2006).

 He was also the co-founder of the Moot and Advocacy Club at the University of Macau and he worked in the department of Public Relations.

Currently, he his the President of the Executive Board of the African Chamber of Commerce in Macau.



His publications include:

Book co-editor: China and Africa Emerging Relations, Macau: Saint Joseph Academic Press, 2010.

Paper published:

Diakité, A.D. (2010). Aid to Infrastructure Development in Sub Saharan Africa: An Assessment of China Financing Approaches. China-Africa: New Types of Exchange, Cultural Identity and Emerging Relations in a Globalized World (pp.205-227). Macau: Saint Joseph Academic Press

Unpublished conference papers:

Diakité, A.D. (September, 2009). Assessment of the Economic and Legal Integration in Sub-Saharan Africa with regard to the phenomena of globalization. Paper presented at Queensland%u2019s University, Brisbane, Australia

Diakité, A.D. (September, 2011). Une Analyse Sommaire des Projets Industriels Financés Par L%u2019aide Chinoise en Guinée Depuis  La Première République.Paper presented at the - Study Tour in China for French Speaking African Researchers, China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing.

Lavanchawee, S.L. Diakité, A.D., & Hsiang-Ning R.C (December 2011).Obstacles to Cross-Cultural Interaction in an Eastern Cultural Environment: Chinese-African Co-Habitation. Paper presented at International Conference on Education, Taiwan.

Diakité, A.D., Lavanchawee, S.L. (November 2012). An assessment of Asian- Pacific Countries Experiences in Reducing Poverty: The cases of China. The paper was presented at the 2012 International Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Lavanchawee, S.L., Gassner.F., & Diakité, A.D.( November 2012). Comparative Casino Policy: Socio-Economic Impacts from the Development of the Asia-Pacific Gaming Marketplace. The paper was presented at the 2012%u2019 International Conference on Asia-Pacific Studies. Kaohsiung, Taiwan


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