Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Office (LLO) is offering a course to students who interested in the Spanish language and have completed the Spanish Langauge I or with 45 hours of previous Spanish learning.

In this course, the students will acquire more basic vocabulary and practice reading, speaking, listening, and writing and they will learn to have a simple conversation on an everyday topic, such as travelling, shopping, weather, seasons of the year, leisure time, health and others. Knowledge of Spanish and Latin American culture, life, and facts will be also transmitted within the course. In this course, students will complete the A1 level Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Key Features:

  • Communication and interaction oriented
  • Interdisciplinary aspect
  • Focused on students’ needs
  • Balanced exercising of all language skills
  • Learning with modern technologies
  • Creativity
  • Friendly atmosphere

Learning Outcomes:

  • To pronounce correctly
  • To read and understand the main information from basic texts
  • To use and understand basic vocabulary – food, work, hobbies, etc.
  • To have a simple basic conversation on familiar topics
  • To write a short simple text, such as a request, greeting, etc. by e-mail


Instructor:Radka Návarová
Date:05 July to 08 September 2021
Time:Mon, Wed 19:00 – 21:00
Duration:30 Hours (15 Sessions)
Location:University of Saint Joseph – Nape Campus
Language:Spanish (with English)
Delivery of Mode:Face-to-face Lecture
Tuition Fee:MOP2,000
Targeted Participants:Interested parties (Completed Spanish Langauge I or with 45 hours of previous Spanish learning)


Spanish Language II (by Radka Návarová)_20216503-01

💡Tuition fee special offered available for: 

5% Discount (MOP 1,900)

  • Early-bird application (applicants who could complete the course enrolment procedure within the specified time frame, the specified enrolment period will be notified accordingly in due course).

10% Discount (MOP 1,800)

  • USJ working staff and students
  • Members of AAUSJ (Alumni Association of USJ)
  • Next of kin relationship (spouses, children, and parents), for current internal staff, USJ students, and members of AAUSJ
  • Former LLO students

Special dual-tuition fee with an extra 5% discount will be offered to students when enrolling in the “Spanish Language III” Course (code: LS03-2109) (click here) at the same time.

Notes: the D.S.E.D.J. 2020-2023 Continuing Education Development Subsidy Scheme is NOT available for this course.

Remarks: the above Conditions of eligibility are subject to the terms in the “Policy of Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount” (LLO-529). The full version is available on the LLO website (click here), please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions contained in this document carefully since any use of this tuition fee discount for lifelong learning public courses constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein. In the event of any dispute concerning the matters in this document, the Lifelong Learning Office of the University of Saint Joseph reserves all rights to make the final decision.


A three-step flow of “Registration, Notification, Enrolment” applies.

Applicants should first register (through methods listed in the “Registration” section on our website) during the application period of a Programme. Accepted Registrants will be notified through SMS and they must complete the application process in person during the period mentioned in the SMS, with a valid copy of Macao Resident ID Card.

A certificate of completion will be issued for participants fulfilling an attendance rate of 70%.

Withdrawal applications must follow stated policies.

Remark: Programmes may be cancelled due to insufficient registration.