Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Office (LLO) is offering a course to students who are interested in studying Latin and have completed the Latin basic I & II courses or 60 hours of Latin Language Learning.

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Course Content:

Theme 1 – Corpus Humanum

  • The parts of the human body; the language of health and disease; Conversation about someone else’s health.
  • Grammar: Reported speech and the infinitive clause;
  • The neuter of 3rd declension nouns in consonant
Theme 2 – Miles Romanus

  • Roman military language; Roman measurements.
  • Grammar: The false imparisyllabic of the 3rd declension; the nouns of the 4th declension. The biform adjectives of the 3rd declension and the comparative of superiority
Theme 3 – Annus et Menses

  • The Roman calendar: the name of the months, the phases of the moon and the signs of the Zodiac. The weather and the division of the day and the night.
  • Grammar: The Fifth Declension; the superlative of the adjective
Theme 4 – Novus Dies

  • Themes and vocabulary for the morning of a new day. Description of activities in the house in the morning period.
  • Grammar: The present Participle
Theme 5 – Magister et Discipuli

  • Themes and vocabulary of life in the school and classroom; conversation including the subject and the interlocutor.
  • Grammar: the 1st and 2nd persons Singular/Plural persons of the verb for all for conjugation + the verb sum ‘to be’ and possum ‘to be able’

Learning Outcomes:

  • The use of all five Latin declensions together
  • The capacity of grading and comparing qualities of things
  • The capacity of describing in Latin particular aspects of Roman everyday life
  • The inclusion of oneself and the interlocutor in the conversation
  • Increment the basic vocabulary with words related to more specific themes


Instructor:Roberto Ceolin PhD
Date:16 May to 04 July 2024
Time:Tue, Thu 19:00 – 21:00
Duration:30 Hours (15 Sessions)
Location:University of Saint Joseph – IIha Verde Campus
Language:Latin supplemented with English
Delivery of Mode:Face-to-face Lecture
Tuition Fee:MOP2,000
Targeted Participants:Interested parties

Biography of Speaker:

Roberto Ceolin, MA (Conim.), MPhil, DPhil (Oxon.) was educated in Coimbra, Salamanca, Salzburg and Oxford. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the Greek verb. He has taught Latin and Greek, as well as courses on historical and synchronic linguistics, in Salamanca, Salzburg and Oxford. At present he teaches ancient languages at the Faculty of Theology-USJ, Macau.


Note: This course has been submitted for D.S.E.D.J. 2020-2023 Continuing Education Development Subsidy Scheme; the Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount Policy (LLO-529) is NOT available for applying for this course.


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