Lifelong Learning

Study, Practice and Elaboration of Dialogues in Macau Patuá
Estudo, Prática e Elaboração de Diálogos em Patuá

(Macau Creole Portuguese / Crioulo Português de Macau)

The classes will be conducted in Portuguese, English explanation may be provided according to the needs of Participants.
(As aulas serão ministradas em português, sendo que explicações em inglês poderão ser fornecidas de acordo com as necessidades dos Participantes.)

Course Schedule


A three-step flow of “Registration, Notification, Enrolment” applies.

Applicants should first register (through methods listed in the “Registration” section on our website) during the application period of a Programme. Accepted Registrants will be notified through SMS and they must complete the application process in person during the period mentioned in the SMS, with a valid copy of Macao Resident ID Card.

A certificate of completion will be issued for participants fulfilling an attendance rate of 70%.

Withdrawal applications must follow stated policies.

Remark: Programmes may be cancelled due to insufficient registration.