Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning Office (LLO) is offering a course to students who are interested in studying Latin and have completed the Latin basic I course or 30 hours of Latin Language Learning.

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Course Content:

Theme 1 – Via Latina

  • The use the prepositions with accusative and ablative in conjugation with verbs of movement or static verbs.
  • Introduction to the passive voice.
  • The ablative of the agent of the passive.
Theme 2 – Puella et Rosa

  • The dative case. The use of certain adjectives.
Theme 3 – Taberna Romana

  • The personal pronouns for the 3rd person and the pronominal and adjectival forms of the interrogative pronoun. 
  • The relative clause and its agreement of gender and number with the antecedent.
  • The case of the relative pronoun.The pronoun hic, haec, hoc.
Theme 4 –Pastor et Oves

  • Introduction to the 3rd declension nouns in -i and also some nouns in consonant.
  • The combination of 3rd declension nouns with 1st and second declension adjectives.
  • The forms est ‘he is’ vs est ‘he eats’.
Theme 5 – Bestiae et Homines

  • Continuation of the 3rd declension – other nouns in consonant with inparisyllabic nominative-genitive.
  • The infinitive and verbal phrases with the infinitive.
  • The forms of the verb velle.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Use all the cases of the Latin nominal system
  • To agree adjectives with nouns of different declensions
  • Construct semi-complex sentences, such as relative clauses
  • Use the active and the passive voices with the agent
  • Have acquired basic vocabulary (ca.250-300 words)


Instructor:Roberto Ceolin PhD
Date:12 March to 14 May 2024
(26, 28 March and 02, 04 April 2024 excluded)
Time:Tue, Thu 19:00 – 21:00
Duration:30 Hours (15 Sessions)
Location:University of Saint Joseph – IIha Verde Campus
Language:Latin supplemented with English
Delivery of Mode:Face-to-face Lecture
Tuition Fee:MOP2,000
Targeted Participants:Interested parties

Biography of Speaker:

Roberto Ceolin, MA (Conim.), MPhil, DPhil (Oxon.) was educated in Coimbra, Salamanca, Salzburg and Oxford. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the Greek verb. He has taught Latin and Greek, as well as courses on historical and synchronic linguistics, in Salamanca, Salzburg and Oxford. At present he teaches ancient languages at the Faculty of Theology-USJ, Macau.


Note: This course has been submitted for D.S.E.D.J. 2023-2026 Continuing Education Development Subsidy Scheme; the Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount Policy (LLO-529) is NOT available for applying for this course.


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A certificate of completion will be issued for participants fulfilling an attendance rate of 70%.

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Remark: Programmes may be cancelled due to insufficient registration.