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Star Trek, that fictionalized universe brought to «life» in numerous tv series and several films have, since the original series, received a well-deserved particular attention from legal scholars, legal practitioners, philosophers, and others. In truth it presents a new future world that is strongly impregnated by ethics, justice, cosmopolitanism, due process of law, non-discrimination, among many others. It projects a society of values and not a society where force is dominant. In many legal systems and in many faculties the study of Star trek has recognizable relevance and a useful tool for teaching law, and also philosophy.

Some episodes, such «Measure of a Man», to mention a single example, are absolutely well crafted and indeed teaches the viewer in such complex and relevant issues as what is a person and what is a thing? Is Data, an Android, a person or a thing? 

The course considers law in the context of narrative. Law features prominently in many different types of narratives. We will analyse the construction of law specifically in film and television in the so-called Star Trek universe.

In the classes, episodes or parts of, will be viewed and then discussed.


Instructor:Mr. Paulo Cardinal
Duration:10 Hours (5 Sessions)
Date:15 April to 29 April 2024
Time:Mon, Fri 19:00 – 21:00
Location:University of Saint Joseph – IIha Verde Campus
Delivery of Mode:Face-to-face Lecture
Tuition Fee:MOP1,760
Targeted Participants:Any person with legal or philosophical background that wishes to break frontiers on the ways to look at these relevant topics, and use Star Trek examples to better illustrate and transmit some important principles, any Star Trek fan, any academics and teachers that purport new and modern approaches to teaching, including the use of videos and literature. 
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  • Former LLO students

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