Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount Policy

Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount Policy

Lifelong Learning Office (hereinafter as LLO) serves and supports the community who wish to enhance their knowledge and to restore people’s learning interests,  a 5% or 10% discount on lifelong learning public programmes tuition fee will be offered to the eligible applicants who have enrolled in the lifelong learning programmes.

Conditions of Eligibility and Discount

The tuition fee discount applies under the following conditions (please choose one from the below options):

5% Discount 

  • Applicant(s) who are able to complete the course enrolment procedure within the time frame (early-bird application). The specified enrollment period will be notified accordingly in due course.

10% Discount 

  • USJ working staff and students
  • Members of AAUSJ (Alumni Association of USJ)
  • Next of kin relationship (spouses, children, and parents), for current internal staff, USJ students, and members of AAUSJ
  • Former LLO students

Application Process

A three-step flow of “Registration, Notification, Enrolment” applies. For LLO public courses application, please click here to obtain more details.

Applicant(s) is required to complete the registration through an online registration system, therefore, the applicant(s) must first complete the “LLO Programmes (Public Courses) Online Registration” (click here).

The entire verification process is expected to take at least 2-3 working days after receiving the required information through the online registration system, followed by a confirmation email and registration code sent to the eligible applicant(s), and for the eligible applicant(s) who has successfully registered will be notified via email, please retain the acknowledgment email and registration code for the record.

LLO will send a “Confirmation Invoice of Course Enrolment” via email to the admitted applicant(s) once the course meets its minimum capacity of students to run the class. Therefore, the applicant(s) must fill out the required application form, settle the payment, and submit/upload all required document(s) in order to wrap up the course enrolment process. For required documents please refer to Table 1 of the “Policy on Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount” (LLO-529), for details please click here.


  1. The above Conditions of eligibility are subject to the terms in the “Policy of Lifelong Learning Public Programmes Tuition Fee Discount” (LLO-529), please click here to obtain the full version of the policy.
  2. Please be sure to read the Terms and Conditions contained in this document carefully since any use of this tuition fee discount for lifelong learning public courses constitutes your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.
  3. In the event of any dispute concerning the matters in this document, the Lifelong Learning Office of the University of Saint Joseph reserves all rights to make the final decision.


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