Rules for LLO Public Programmes

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Requirements for Sign-in & Sign-out

According to the Education and Youth Development Bureau (D.S.E.D.J) 2023-2026 Continuing Education and Development Subsidy Scheme (D.S.E.D.J.) regulations (available in Portuguese only, click here), the course instructor and participants (beneficiary) are required to complete the electronic recording of attendance twice (E-sign-in and E-sign-out) within a specific period and also use the device provided by the D.S.E.D.J. for valid record:

    • Participants: 
      Sign-in period: 30 mins before class starts to 15 mins after class starts
      Sign-out period: within 30 mins after class finished (no leave class early request)
    • Course instructor:
      Sign-in period: within 30 mins before class starts
      Sign-out period: within 30 mins after class finished

For participants who do not use the D.S.E.D.J subsidy for enrolling in the lifelong learning programmes, the attendance will be recorded in paper format, its action will be completed at the Lifelong Learning E-sing-in & E-sign-out Counter (note: except for special programmes). 

[1] University of Saint Joseph (IIha Verde Campus)

Address:  Estrada Marginal da Ilha Verde, 14-17, Macau
Location: Academic Building, Ground Floor, Lifelong Learning Office 

[2] University of Saint Joseph (NAPE Campus)

Address:  Rua de Londres 106, Macau
Location: 3rd Floor, Next to the security staff member’s desk  

[3] Saint Joseph Seminary Campus

Address:  Largo da Sto. Agostinho, 5, Macau (entrance next to Sir Robert Ho Yung Library)
Location: Reception 

** The final arrangement is subject to the information provided in the commencement email.


  • Participants must attend all the lessons in person and must not ask another person to take their place or accompany the participant during the lessons.

  • Participants may not change the class without any permission; in the event of this being found to have occurred, the participants’ right of attendance will be terminated and no refund of the course tuition fee will be made.

  • Participants must not be absent from class without sufficient reason, as absenteeism adversely affects learning progress. Make-up lessons or refund for absences are not available.

  • In the event of any class change arrangements being made, due to contingency (e.g. class cancellation or re-scheduling, etc.), the Lifelong Learning Office will notify all participants via E-mail and SMS, and participants should abide by these arrangements.

  • No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed in the classroom.

  • Please switch off mobile phones, any sound- and/or light-emitting devices, or turn such devices onto silent mode in order to avoid disturbing other participants or the Instructor.

  • Participants must take good care of the facilities in the classrooms and school campus, behave in an orderly manner, respect the Instructors and others, and observe all the University’s rules and the laws of Macao. In the event of these requirements being broken, the Lifelong Learning Office reserves the right to remove the participant from the class, and the paid course tuition will not be refunded.
  • Participants failing to attend above 70% of the course (with or without the justification of absence) will not be awarded the Certificate of Completion.

  • Download form > Leave Application Form for Lifelong Learning Programmes
  • Submission of leave of absence application form and relevant proof of certificate(s)/ document(s): You can this in person at the Lifelong Learning Office (Ilha Verde Campus) or send the scanned copies to the Lifelong Learning Office via E-mail (

Course Certificate

  • A certificate of completion will be issued for participants fulfilling an attendance rate of 70%.

    Credit and course result transfer to Undergraduate and Graduate Degree programmes at the University of Saint Joseph will not normally be granted for participants based on studies at joining Lifelong Learning Programmes.

  • Qualified participant(s) will be notified of a certificate pick-up notice by email and SMS. Course certificates can be collected in person or by authorizing others. If it is collected by an authorized person, please bring along with copies of both parties’ ID cards and a completed form of the “Authorisation Letter for Lifelong Learning Programme Certificate Collection”.

Arrangements during Bad Weather

Please click here for details


Lifelong Learning Office serves and supports the community who wish to enhance their knowledge and to restore people’s learning interests,  a 5% or 10% discount on lifelong learning public programmes tuition fee will be offered to the eligible applicants who have enrolled in the specific lifelong learning programmes, see more details > click here.  

In the event of any dispute concerning the matters with the present content, the Lifelong Learning Office of the University of Saint Joseph reserves all rights to make the final decision.

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