Official Title: Assistant Professor | Head of the Department of History and Heritage | Coordinator for the Research Laboratory for Cultural Sustainability

Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Humanities


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Held various researcher positions at Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle, Germany, the Institute of Social Futures and CeMoRe, Lancaster University, UK and the Institute for Advanced Studies for Science, Technology, and Society, Graz, Austria. He was a senior lecturer in Sustainable Mobilities at Nuertingen-Geislingen University, Germany. Co-founded Thematic Group and later Research Committee RC57 Visual Sociology in International Sociological Association.

Currently an active member of Urban Transitions Hub (Lisbon, Portugal) and a member of European Association of Chinese Studies. Since 2022 he is a founding co-editor of the book series "Social Visualities" at Palgrave. Since 2021 on editorial board of journals Mobilities and Visual Studies (both Taylor&Francis),

 His publications span different disciplines: urban studies, visual media, sociology, science and technology studies, arctic social sciences and transportation studies. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in mainland China and Macau, Portugal, and circumpolar areas of Russia and Argentina.

In 2018 he published first book-length study on e-bikes: "Urban Mobility in Modern China: The Growth of the E-Bike" with Palgrave McMillan.

 Languages: Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Norwegian, Italian, English

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