Official Title: Associate Professor

Faculty: 藝術及人文學院


Short Bio

(樊飛豪) Francisco V. Pinheiro, PhD, is an architect, Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Creative Industries at University of St. Joseph in Macau, and Visiting Professor in Jiangnam University (江南大学), in Mainland China. His work involves the urban rehabilitation projects in Macau historical centers. Several of the projects were recognized and listed on the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage. His research is to study the demographic and social impact of public housing in an ageing society, the green urbanism synergies with revitalizations, and the tourism in Macau. The core of his research is to provide an insight to the realm where the values of our local culture were replaced by massive cooperative trends and seemed to vanish in a tsunami of globalization. Citizens feel like robots and even lost in the city.  Is heritage a relic of our past, or a reflection of our present identity, or a by-product of corporations? In a globalized world, the search for preserving cultural and identical factors, (i.e. our cultural DNA, memories, cultural patterns, spirits of places and traditions), are critical for future generations.  He challenges the concept that contemporary style intervention and modern narratives on heritage facilities represent “authentic” narratives of preservation. The intromission of different architectural languages on the concept and work of other author’s represent an adulteration of originality as well copyright infringement. He links “Authenticity” concepts with the word and work of “Author”. Authenticity is in many cases embodies by the local communities traditions, the authors, that transmitted from generation to generation, in a process often compared with “re-incarnation” assuming in reality the original idea and concepts. He advocates the urban rehabilitation and architectural conservation as important parts in urban planning and city development, in an Holistic and Sustainable planning, heritage is not and hindrance but a complement of a balanced urban development. He sees the need to find new ways to protect local Asian traditions and to break the strong colonial and intellectual dependence of the western culture, creating new bridges for mutual understanding and dialogue.  


Main papers and articles:

August 2014. Article “Macau’s Urban Transformations, Lisbon to Las Vegas. Harvard-Graduate School of Design publication on Macau Cross Border City, Common Frameworks, Rethinking the Developmental City in China.

Macau’s Tourism Planning Approach and Its Shortcomings: A Case Study. Penny King Wan & Francisco Vizeu Pinheiro. Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Administration. Vol. 15, Issue 1, 2014 pp 78-107

 AWARD HKIA JOURNAL, issue 61, 2011. AWARD with Professor Wu Yao (Jiangnam University, PRC), on Research Paper Category Analysis of Ecological Principles in Macau Urban Design”. HK December 6th, 2012.

November 2012, Award of Excellent Research Book, by the Macau Foundation and the Guangdong Social Sciences Association. “Integrated memory---the development and conservation in Macau historical architecture” With Wu Yao and Miki Korenaga.  

 The Matter of the Size and the size of the matter in Ming China and Portuguese D’ Aviz Maritime’s expeditions”. A comparative analysis of the mission and consequences of Zheng He and Vasco da Gama fleets. Joint paper with IFT heritage students; Denise Lu, Fiona Qi and Fiona Tang. Published in RC, Review of Culture, International Edition N. 42.

 A Comparative Study of the Development of Malacca and Macao as Portuguese Ports & the Imperative for Preserving Maritime Cultural Heritage”. Joint paper with Ian Chaplin, PhD. (University of Macao),Dr. Wu Yao & Dr. Zhu Rong (Jiangnam University), Shi Peng (University of Macao).

A comparative Social History of Coolies and Coolie Trade development in Macao and Singapore. Presented at the IPM International conference on “Macao and China Foreign Maritime Trade”. Co authored with Prof Ching Ee from IFT.

Scenarios for Macao Future Sustainability or Collapse in the Planned Integration of the Pearl River Delta Conurbation”. Co author and presenter during the conference. 2010 Paper to the International Conference on China Urban Development, December 7-8, 2010 at The University of Hong Kong, 

Preserving Macao Industrial Heritage for a Sustainable Urban Future. 8th ISAIA (Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia) Kitakyushu International Conference Center. B22 proceeding. Joint paper with Dr. Zhu Rong, Wu Yao, (Jiangnam U) Sally Chio (IACM) and Steven Zhao (IFT) November 9th to 12th. 2010

Evolucao Urbana de Macau e Cenarios para o Seculo XXI. P33.-59. 2010 , iii serie M.23 Revista Internacional em Lingua Portuguesa. Cidades e Metropoles. Associacao das Universidades de Lingua Portuguesa (AULP)

 Africans in Macau with Dr Ian Chaplin. Presented at the conference China – Africa. Organized by the Center of Africa Research and Development Studies of the University of St Joseph, Macau. Published in the proceedings of the conference. May 2010.

The Present State of Catholic Church Built Heritage in Macao and its Potential for Propagating Ecclesiastical Architectural Studies. Presented at Conference on “The Role and Status of Macao in the Propagation of Catholicism in the East”, organized by the Center for Sino-Western Cultural Studies (IPM), 2009, Nov 3rd to 6th. Paper Co author with Dr Ian Chaplin and Dr Kogi Yagi. Published proceedings by Macao Polytechnic Institute. 

 Rehabilitation of Square in Macao’s Historical Sites: The Revival of Traditions and their contribution for the city’s cultural identity 28-34. Research for Improvement Macao’s Historical Sites: International Workshops at the IFT Macao. Penny Wan and Francisco Pinheiro. P 124-125. World Architecture Magazine. N.234, December 2009.

Heritage Impact Assessment and Sustainability Study for Macau’s Inner Harbour Chinatown in San Ma Lo: Past history and future scenarios. Published at the proceeding of the 2nd UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Conference Urban Heritage and Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities. Heritage Studies Centre, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macao. December 2009.

Place & Memory Role in Urban Heritage Sustainability:Managing Challenges for Urban Public Spaces in the Historical Centre of Macao. Published at the proceeding of the 2nd UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Conference Urban Heritage and Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities. Heritage Studies Centre, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macao. December 2009.

 Adaptive re-use and authenticity of Mandarin Mansion Rehabilitation: Authenticity criteria and the difficult choice between a tourists oriented facility and a local community Centre. Published at the proceeding of the 2nd UNESCO-ICCROM Asian Academy for Heritage Management (AAHM) Conference Urban Heritage and Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities. Heritage Studies Centre, Institute For Tourism Studies, Macao. December 2009.

Book chapter. “Governance and Public Policy in Macao”. The Development of the Gaming Industry and Its Impact on Land Use.  edited by Newman Lam & Ian Scott. Published by Hong Kong University press.2011

 Pinheiro, F (2007) Macao and the western influences in East Asia military Architecture Proceedings of the Conference on China and Spain during the Ming and Ching Dynasties. October 3 to 2, November 2. Center for Sino-Western Cultural Studies, IPM. Macao, PRC.

 Wan, Y.K.P., Pinheiro, F.V. and Korenaga, M. (2007), Planning for Heritage Conservation in Macao. HKIP Journal. Planning and Development, 22(1), 17-26.

 Pinheiro, F.V. & Wan, Y.K.P. (2007), Urban Planning Practices and Scenarios for Macao Development: Case Studies of Macao’s Urban Sustainable DevelopmentProceedings from the International Conference on 12th Asian Real Estate Society Annual Conference, organized by UMAC 9-12 July 2007, University of Macao, PRC

 Wan, Y.K.P. & Pinheiro, F.V. (2007), Challenges and Future Strategies for Heritage Planning and Conservation in Macao. Proceedings from the International Conference on Heritage and Tourism, Community, Enterprise, Government & Tourists, organized by the Center of Tourism Planning & Research, Sun Yat Sen University, China, July 8-10 2007, Zhongshan, PRC.

Pinheiro, F. Yagi, K, Korenaga, M (2006). Urban De fragmentation and Infrastructure role of open public spaces in the City Historical Center of Macau. Invited keynote speaker. Third Symposium on Sustainable Development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. 23-26 November. Macao, PRC.

Re-organization of Pedestrian Spaces in the Historical Center of Macao. Joint paper for the 6th ISAIA (Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia) Kitakyushu International Conference Center. Korenaga, Miki main author.

Pinheiro, F, Kiu, C, Seng, C (2006) Rehabilitation of Squares in Macao’s Historical Sites. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference of Modern Asian Architecture Network (mAAN), November 1-5, Tokyo. Japan.

Wan, Y.K.P. & Pinheiro, F.V. (2005), Heritage Brand Improvement through Streetscape Rehabilitation: A Case Study of Macao, China”,  Proceedings from the International Conference on Destination Branding and Marketing for Regional Tourism Development, jointly organized by the Purdue University and the Institute For Tourism Studies, 8-10 December 2005, Macao PRC

Pinheiro, F, Yagi, K, Korenaga, M (2005) St. Paul College Historical Role and Influence in the Development of Macao. Architectural History and Theory. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering. Vol. 4 (1) 43-50

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Pinheiro, F, (2004) Townscape Preservation in Macao. Proceeding of the 5th International Symposium on Architectural Interchanges in Asia. Matsue. Japan. Published in the Proceedings.

HKIA AWARD. Journal Best Paper award, Research Category. Paper Title St. Paul College. The Paradigm Building of the Three Encounters Between East and West. HKIA journal. N.34/1st Quarter

Pinheiro, F (2002) HKIA Journal Issue 31/2st Quarter. The Tower of Macao. 

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Pinheiro, F (1999) Arquitectura Ocidental em Macau. Centros Históricos. Magazine of the National (Portuguese) Association of Cities with historical Centres. 1 (2) 35

 Technical Reports

August. Report on the Rehabilitation Process for the Huishan old town, Wuxi, Jiangnam province.

  1. April. Report on how to increase the Tourist Carrying Capacity of Macao for IFT Tourism Research Center and Macao’s Government.
  2. July. Report on public housing strategies for an ageing society. Elaborate for OFAP (Organization of Families of Asia & the Pacific) a report answering many issues related with the public auscultation on Strategies for Development of Public Housing (2011-2020), by the Public Housing Department of Macau. (July 2012)
  3. Report on the International Seminar: “When Creative Industries Crossover with Cities” organized by Hong Kong Institute of Planners (HKIP) e Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC).
  4. Two report on the impact of the elevated Light Transit Railway (LRT) on Macau Heritage by AAM by Environment and Urban Planning group.

2006 Report on The first International Summer and Winter Workshop on Integrating Macao's World Heritage Sites.

  1. Renovation of Public Spaces in Historical Center of Macau.Annual Report Academic Activities. Laboratory of Regional Design with Ecology. Graduate School of Hosei University. Tokyo.
  2. Macau Cultural Tourism Products in the Context of Pearl River Delta.Conservation and Regeneration of Historic Cities and housing in East Asia. Architectural institute of Japan, Special Research Committee on Conservation of the Third World Historical city and Housing. September, Tokyo.
  3. Report on The Principles of Architecture for Science and Hi-Tech Facilities. Report on the High-Tech Facilities Work Programme Annual International Seminar & Members’ Meeting, at Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona USA October 31 - November
  4. September, Survey on Historical Macao by a Tokyo Institute of Architecture team.
  5. Report on the participation at the XXI International union of Architects (UIA) Berlin, Jun 22 to 26. In charge the group presentation of the UIA Work Program on Science and High-Tech Facilities.
  6. Report on “Technopolis – The City of Science” Seminar and Third Annual Meeting of UIA Work Program on Science and High-Tech Facilities. Moscow,
  7. Report and proposal for the revision of the Macau’s Draft on fires safety rules based on Decree Law N. 24/95/M



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