Master Programme

Institute of Science and Environment

2 Years (Evening)EnglishNAPE Campus


This programme provides a solid foundation in concepts and methods of environmental sciences critical to providing solutions to ongoing environmental challenges.

The Master of Environmental Sciences and Management aims to respond to the growing worldwide demand for highly qualified professionals in Environmental Sciences and Management in both the private and public sectors. This demand is particularly evident in China and the Greater Bay Area which surrounds Macao. The programme comprises research and management-based modules. Students are trained to be professionals that have mastered specific concepts and methods of environmental sciences, and that are also able to implement environmental solutions in organisation and industries.

The curriculum includes foundation modules on environmental sciences (ecology and ecosystems conservation, ecotoxicology and environmental health, climate change and coastal processes), management and environmental solutions (environmental technologies, environmental impact assessment and environmental standards, pollution and waste management), and disciplines that bridge into other fields such as ethics, entrepreneurship, law, and politics. A highly qualified body of international researchers from diverse scientific areas supports the programme, allowing students’ work to be integrated into research projects so that students receive hands-on training in advanced methods and techniques in environmental sciences.

The programme coordinator is Karen Tagulao.

During the two years of evening course work, Master of Environmental Sciences and Management students hold full-time student status.

Student Experience

  • Students obtain a solid formation in environmental science concepts, environmental technologies, research methods, and management
  • Students are oriented towards practical problem-solving, with extensive field and laboratory work
  • Students are trained by experienced international academics, researchers, and industry leaders

Career Opportunities

  • Corporate management
  • Consulting services
  • Environmental agencies and Non-governmental organisations
  • Research
  • Education

Typical Applicants

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Natural Sciences, Engineering, Management, and related fields
  • Are professionals from local companies that want to develop environmental management plans
  • Have an interest in environmental sciences and sustainability issues

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Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
3.00 credits
2.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
Year 2
8.00 credits