Master Programme

Faculty of Social Sciences and Education


This Master programme with two specialisations in Special Needs and Inclusive Education and School Management and Leadership provides a combination of a sound theoretical foundation and professional competence in two of the most important educational areas of our society.


Special Needs and Inclusive Education

The Master of Education programme with specialisation in Special Needs and Inclusive Education is designed for teachers and persons involved and/or interested in serving individuals with disabilities mainly in regular school settings. The M.Ed. focuses on the theoretical, evidence-based, methodological and practical aspects of teaching and learning in inclusive and culturally diverse classrooms. The programme challenges traditional beliefs related to special needs education and fosters professional competence to educate students with special needs (SEN) and gifted students. Professors teaching in the programme are international and local academics with accomplished roles as researchers and practitioners in the field of inclusive education.

School Management and Leadership

The Master of Education programme with specialisation in School Management and Leadership is designed for teachers, middle management school personnel, school administrators and persons involved and/or interested in educational leadership. With a broad and deep understanding of educational leadership related areas such as curriculum planning and development, school evaluation and change, and management of human and material resources, the candidates are set to take a role as leaders in school or classroom settings.

Professors teaching in the programme are international and local academics with accomplished roles as researchers and practitioners in the field of school management and leadership.

Recommended Prior Knowledge
The programme is designed for candidates who preferably hold teaching certification, however applicants with other backgrounds will be considered.

Course Duration
2 years full-time (evening) programme

Teaching Medium
English or Chinese

Medium for Dissertation

English, Chinese or Portuguese

Total Number of Credits for Graduation

Ilha Verde Campus

Programme’s Government Approval (in Chinese and Portuguese only) (Click here)

September to July

Weekly Schedule
Mondays to Fridays

Key Features

  • Provides students with an understanding of central issues across different areas in the education field, such as Macao’s school policy, sociology of education, developmental psychology, curriculum design, development and differentiation, the use of information technology in the classroom, and educational research
  • A concentration either in the fields of school management and educational leadership or in the field of gifted and special education needs
  • An innovative approach to educational theories and practices with a balanced view of global trends and a sound comprehension of the local educational context

Coordinator's Message

The depth of Macao’s current educational reform brings major challenges and opportunities for school administrators, teachers, and individuals working or wishing to work in the field of education. The newly adopted education policies are making the teaching profession enduring and highly rewarding.

Under the current bylaw, teachers are expected to expand their qualifications as they have to be multifaceted experts in their fields. They need to integrate content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge, to develop transferable skills, to foster intercultural dialogue, and to differentiate curriculum, assessment and teaching strategies to accommodate the needs of diverse students.

The graduate programmes currently offered are designed to 1) fulfill the need for continued improvement in the provision of high quality teaching in local schools,  2) impart high quality training and professional development for middle and high level school coordinators and administrators, 3) provide an opportunity  for all interested in pursuing studies and research in the field of education.

Our programmes encourage students to have a fresh and broad perspective on every aspect of education and schooling, while analysing problems from new directions and possibilities. The high level scientific and pedagogic teaching staff, the USJ friendly learning atmosphere, and the close collaboration with Macao Catholic schools makes our current education programmes a great choice for pursuing a career in teaching and educational leadership.

Typical Career Options

  • Inclusive classroom teacher
  • Resource teacher
  • Educational researcher
  • Educational journalist
  • Educational consultant
  • Middle management personnel at schools

Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
Year 2
9.00 credits