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D.S.E.D.J. — Training Programme/Activity for Teaching Staff Notice Board



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  • Course Registration and Course Prospectus

“D.S.E.D.J. Training Programme/Activity for Teaching Staff” only available for local non-tertiary education schools teaching staff to apply. To complete its application process, please go to “D.S.E.D.J. Inquiry/Sign-up for Activities System” (for more details, click HERE).

The participant(s) who enrolled in the D.S.E.D.J. Training Programme/Activity for Teaching Staff shall obey and follow the course prospectus set by the D.S.E.D.J., and its course prospectus shall prevail. For the course prospectus details, please check on the link in the above table(s) (next to the “Course Code”).

According to the D.S.E.D.J. instruction, if an enrolled participant(s) would like to cancel or withdraw the course application, take leave, submit a required document(s), etc. it’s necessary to contact D.S.E.D.J.—Centre of Educational Resources in person, for D.S.E.D.J. subsequent and response actions. Applicant(s) for making a request for the mentioned issue(s) at Lifelong Learning Office will not be entertained, thank you for your understanding.

D.S.E.D.J.—Centre of Educational Resources contact number: (+853) 8395 9106, Ms. Lei.

  • Recording of Attendance and Electronic Sign-in & Sign-out 

I. According to the D.S.E.D.J. requirement, participants should attend all class sessions on time, and bring their own Teacher’s Card (Cartão de Pessoal Docente) which issued by D.S.E.D.J., and to complete the required electronic sign-in and sign-out (E-sign-in & E-sign-out) on each session. For the participant(s) who does not complete the E-sign-in and E-sign-out within the required period, such as arrive after the first 30 minutes of a session/ leave during a session for over 30 minutes/ leave before the end of a session/ fail to attend a session, he/she will be considered absent for that session, it may also affect certificate issuance;

II. Based on the venue of the course(s) that you are enrolled in, please visit to the “Lifelong Learning Office” counter at the corresponding campus for E-sign-in and E-sign-out within the required period.

   Campus Details  (click here University of Saint Joseph
(Ilha Verde Campus)
University of Saint Joseph (NAPE Campus) Saint Joseph Seminary Campus

Lifelong Learning Office
E-sign-in and E-sign-out Counter

and out signages (for the DSEDJ teacher's training)-03

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This information is currently being updated This information is currently being updated
Timing the record of electronic attendance E-sign-in Period:    30 minutes before class begins
E-sign-out Period:   within 30 minutes of the end of the class
  • Certificate Issuance & Collection

I. A certificate of completion will be issued for participants fulfilling an attendance rate of 80% or above;

II. In case of programme certification needs to collect by the third-person, both the participant and authorized representative must fill out and sign on “Authorisation Letter for Lifelong Learning Programme Certificate Collection” (download application form, click HERE), with the representative presenting the original or a photocopy of the ID document of the participant and submit to Lifelong Learning Office to pick up the certificate.

Personal Information collected in the application form will be used solely by the Lifelong Learning Office and relevant authorities for the registration, enrolment, communications and preparation of Certificate(s) concerning the Programme; All information will be processed in compliance to the “Personal Data Protection Act” (Law no. 8/2005).


Lifelong Learning Office
Hotline:   +853 8592 5688
Fax:          +853 2872 5517

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Please note that the parking space allocation in Ilha Verde Campus only provides to internal staff of the University. Please click here for checking public car parks nearby.

Arrangement during Bad Weather

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