USJ Dean of School of Education Presented at CHERA Symposium




On November 23 and 24, Professor Rochelle GE, the Dean of School of Education at University of Saint Joseph was invited to present at the Symposium on Employment Trajectories of PhD Graduates in East Asia. She presented research findings from a DSEDJ supported project “The Role of Universities in High Level Human Capital Formation in China’s West Greater Bay Area”. In her paper, she presented career planning of doctoral students in Macau from the research and provided analysis on how students’ invidual experience is linked to Macro-level development of the GBA and China. The Symposium was co—organized by University College London, Peking University and University of Hong Kong. Over 50 scholars and researchers from China, Japan, South Korea and the Europe attended the Symposium including Professor Tatiana Fumasoli, the Editor-in-chief of Higher Education Quarterly; Professor Wenqin Shen, the Assistant Dean of Faculty of Education in Peking University; Professor Futao Huang from Research Institute for Higher Education at Hiroshima University; Professor Hugo Horta from Faculty of Education at Hong Kong University.