The Department of Architecture and Design Joins an International Architectural Applied Research Project in Boracay, Philippines





USJ’s Department of Architecture and Design joins an international architectural applied research project, the “INFOLAB”, in Boracay, Philippines, together with the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Politecnico di Milano.

The Department of Architecture and Design of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH) at the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ) is collaborating on an international applied research project and its implementation in Boracay, Philippines. The project is called INFO-LAB and it’s a multifunctional building for educational activities that will serve the local community. 

[From left to right: Prof. Nuno Soares (FAH-USJ with CURB), Prof. Francesco Rossini (CUHK), Ar. Richard M. Garcia (UAP) and Dr. Jimmy Maming (MC) signing the MoA]

Prof. Nuno Soares, Head of the Department of Architecture and Design of the FAH at USJ, signed last week, on 17  October 2023, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) that establishes FAH-USJ collaboration in the construction of this project. 

[INFO-LAB project site at Malay College]

This is an applied research project for community engagement, with the collaboration of academia, professional institutes, local government and local community: Prof. Francesco Rossini – Funding and design (Chinese University of Hong Kong – CUHK); Prof. Giuliana Iannaccone – Structure and material technology (Politecnico di Milano – POLIMI); Prof. Nuno Soares – International applied research and implementation (FAH of the University of Saint Joseph with CURB – Center for Architecture and Urbanism); Ar. Richard M. Garcia – Project management and implementation (United Architects of the Philippines – UAP); Mayor Floribal Bautista – Construction site  (Municipality of Malay); Dr. Jimmy Maming – Space management and maintenance (Malay College – MC).

[From left to right: MoA signed by Prof. Francesco Rossini, Prof. Nuno Soares, Dr. Jimmy Maming and Ar. Richard M. Garcia]

[Hon. Mayor Floribar Baustista, Municipal Government of Malay Aklan, and Prof. Nuno Soares with USJ book]

This initiative is a prototype to inspire and streamline the development and implementation of such projects in our Asian region and internationally.

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