On 30 October 2019, the XX Pavilion organised by FCI’s Department of Architecture will officially open.

The XX Pavilion, a temporary bamboo structure designed by the USJ – University of Saint Joseph’s Architecture students, was officially inaugurated on October 30th, 2019, and is open to the public until December 8th. The Opening Ceremony counted with the presence of the general public and USJ Community, including the University’s Senior Management, government officials, Architects Association of Macau, professionals and students. Part of the Art Macao 2019, this project was organised by the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Creative Industries. It was funded by the Higher Education Fund of the Macao’s Government Higher Education Bureau (DSES).

The XX Pavilion expands on the tradition of USJ’s Department of Architecture bamboo pavilions. With a larger scale and complex programme, it sets an inhabitable temporary space that invites participation. This temporary structure celebrates the symbiosis between the craftsmanship of Macao’s bamboo scaffolders and the inventiveness and digital design skills of fifth-year architecture students. Inspired by the vernacular bamboo knot technique, the pavilion features a double-cross layout. This design simultaneously commemorates the XX anniversary of Macao SAR and initiates the celebrations of the X anniversary of the USJ’s Architecture Programme. The XX Pavilion is open for activities by the USJ and broader local community, standing as an invitation for cross-disciplinary collaboration, hosting exhibitions, lectures, workshops and other events.

In this project, students researched and dwelled into multiple sources of inspiration, rooted in the traditional techniques used in bamboo scaffolding and bamboo opera theatres, and celebrating the work of other artists/architects, such as local artists João Ó and Rita Machado (Treeplets, State of Mind), and international parametric architect Kristoff Crolla (ZCB Bamboo Pavilion, TOROO), to further innovate and give their contribution to the international contemporary bamboo architecture discourse.

The Department of Architecture of the University of Saint Joseph has been organising the bamboo pavilion project since 2012/2013 with the continuous support of the Macao Foundation. Through the years, architecture students explored the potential of vernacular bamboo techniques in innovative architecture structures. This continuous research and design work resulted in multiple pavilions displayed in Macao: Pulse, Bloom, Trace, Cloud, Elapse, and X-Peax. The project was initiated by Prof. Thomas Daniell and counted with the invaluable contribution and expertise of a talented group of experts that lectured the bamboo pavilion workshop over the years, namely Kristof Crolla, Dannes Kok, Jason Dembski, João Palla, Diogo Teixeira, João Ó, and Neil Sansom.

The XX Pavilion is open to public at USJ’s Ilha Verde Campus until 8 December 2019. All are welcome to visit it during the University’s opening hours.





For more pictures of the Opening, please click here.

For pictures of the XX Pavilion, please click here.

Students: Frederick Cabio; Silvia, Chan Cheng I; Billy, Chan Chon Wai; Vanda Chan; Phillia, Chiang Hao Hsin; Natalie, Fu Ho I; Isaac, Ho Ngai Pang; Travis, Lai Chon Fong; Ida, Lei Wan Ieng; Ian, Leong Chon Kit; Manley Ng Sanchez; Joana, Wong Tsz Yin; Mamadú Seck

Instructors: Nuno Soares, Filipe Afonso

Technical assistance: Gerald Estadieu; João Brochado; Filipa Simões; Tiago Monteiro

Construction: 成記棚廠

Organised by: Department of Architecture, Faculty of Creative Industries, USJ

Funded by: Higher Education Fund of the Macao Government’s DSES. Part of the Art Macau 2019.