Working in USJ

Gender Equality

Our commitment to diversity extends to our staff. We believe that employment opportunities are a key to reducing and eliminating obstacles to gender equality. A number of measures targeting staff are in place in USJ to promote gender equality, namely:

  • Maternity and paternity paid leave policy that extend far beyond the legal requirement in Macau (i.e., 101 days for new-mothers and 15 days for new-fathers), 
  • Partnership with a nursery, that ensures childcare facilities at reduced rates for our staff, making it easier for parents to actively participate in the job market
  • Other family support measures such as access to subsidized housing on-campus breastfeeding room on-campus, and work flexibility for new-parents.
  • A gender equality tracking mechanism that compares gender distribution trough different work function, as well as wage gap. You can find more information in the University of Saint Joseph Gender Equality Report: 2018 to 2021.

Workers with special needs

USJ is the first university in Macao to introduce an Equality and Diversity policy. According to this policy: “The University of Saint Joseph is committed to actively promoting an inclusive culture  on campus, values respectful diversity, and recognizes that staff and students from different backgrounds and experiences enhance whole person education, and bring innovative cultural and academic insights to teaching, learning and research. This is in line with the institutional mission of the University to develop as an international academy of varied ethnic, social or religious affiliations, welcoming of the physically challenged and committed to fostering a “caring, ethically, responsible, economically, socially and environmentally sustainable society.”

USJ has, and is opened to continue to welcome staff with special needs. According to our policies recruitment professional progression, compensation, and any other opportunities and outcomes are to be distributed equitably, based strictly on a merit basis.

Procedures to report discrimination or harassment, as well as anti-retaliation policies, are in place to uphold these principles and values:

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