Workshop-Discussion about Exchange Opportunities with FJCU





On 24 March 2019, FSS Dean and FSS Prof. Liu discussed exchange opportunities with FJCU Prof. Kuo

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) has a deep, rich, and longstanding partnership with Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU), in Taiwan.

This relationship has served as the foundation for initiatives in Taiwan by USJ’s Department of Social Work, as USJ has an agreement of cooperation with FJCU, providing – and taking part in – exchange opportunities for students, as well as for faculty.

On Saturday, March 24, 2019, Prof. Fr. Dominique Tyl, the Dean of USJ’s Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS), and Prof. Helen Liu, Professor of USJ’s FSS, met with Prof. Kuo, Professor of FJCU’s Department of Social Work, to further discuss mobility opportunities.