USJ Winter Celebration 2023





A series of activities including “Icing cookie workshop”, “USJ Students’ Association Spreads Warmth in Winter” , and “Christmas Is Coming Moonlight Concert @USJ” were held on 14 December.

A series of Christmas themed activities including “Icing Cookie Workshop”, “USJ Students’ Association Spreading Warmth in Winter Activity” and “Christmas Is Coming Moonlight Concert”, were held on 14 December 2023, welcoming students, staff and alumni to participate.

The Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) organised a morning icing cookie workshop, where students experienced the fun of baking. To convey the Christmas spirit, the final product – handmade cookies, were delivered to USJ community at the Seminary Campus by the USJ Students’ Association in the afternoon, and also gifted to colleagues and friends who attended the festive party in the evening.

This year, the activity was sponsored by the Macao Foundation and Alumni Association of the University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ), and held at the USJ Bamboo Pavilion. The event featured several musical performances by staff, students and alumni, and members of the USJ Music Club.

The “Christmas Is Coming Moonlight Concert” was a true testament to the spirit of the season, leaving lasting memories and ensuring that everyone enjoyed every moment of this magical celebration.