USJ hosts the opening ceremony of Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate Overseas Studies





The 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship Programme for Undergraduate Overseas Studies was officially launched on July 12 at the USJ Ilha Verde Campus.

In order to promote cooperation and exchanges in the field of higher education between Jiangsu and Macao, and to broaden the international vision of Jiangsu university students, the 2021 Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship Programme of Overseas Studies for Undergraduates was launched, with the official opening ceremony taking place on the morning of July 12 at the Ilha Verde Campus of University of Saint Joseph.

This exchange programme is jointly organised by Jiangsu Education Services for International Exchange, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), and the National Conditions Education Association (Macau). The plan will engage a thousand of outstanding students from Jiangsu Province in curriculum instruction and cultural exchange activities in Macao universities during the summer holiday. Among them, 155 college students have been selected to study at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ).

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) is cooperating with other overseas universities such as Cambridge University, King’s College London, and the University of Toronto to provide 17 two-week high-intensity online and offline courses. There will be 11 online courses, including International Business and Leadership Management, Artificial Intelligence, and Biology of Disease; Offline courses are also delivered at the University of Saint Joseph to provide students with diverse learning conditions.

Prof. Stephen Morgan, Rector of USJ, welcomed the arrival of students on behalf of the University in the welcome speech. During the opening ceremony, Zheng Xing, Deputy Director of the Jiangsu Education Center for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Education Exchange, and Wang Haitao, Chairman of National Conditions Education Association (Macau) said that it is a rare opportunity for students to take these courses especially because of the impact of COVID-19 and they hoped everyone would make good use of these summer courses to learn and connect.

A number of guests were invited to witness the opening ceremony with more than one hundred students present, including Li Yongle, representative of the Department of Education and Youth Affairs of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macao SAR, Ding Shaoxiong, Deputy Director of Macao Education and Youth Development Bureau, Wang Gang, Director of Macao Office of Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits, Cen Zhanping, Member of Jiangsu CPPCC Standing Committee and Chairman of the Macau Jiangsu Friendship Association, Chen Zhiling, Chairman of Macau Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Association, Prof. Álvaro Barbosa, Vice Rector of USJ, and Prof. Keith Morrison, Vice Rector of USJ.