USJ Blood Drive 2024





USJ Students and Staff participated in the USJ Blood Drive held in Ilha Verde Campus.

The annual “USJ Blood Drive”, co-organised by the Macao Blood Transfusion Centre, was held in the USJ Ilha Verde Campus on 6 March, 2024. The activity aims to promote the importance of donating blood to help others, and attracted more than 20 students and staff members to participate.

The event started at 11 a.m. at the Student lounge. It received enthusiastic support from students and staff members from different backgrounds. One participant mentioned that she had made a prior reservation through the official website, which was convenient for scheduling her time. In addition to her family’s previous experience of benefiting from blood transfusions during surgery, she now hopes to take this opportunity to give back to society.

Mamadú Fati (MBA Year1), an international student from Guinea-Bissau, stated that he was honored to be able to participate in this meaningful event through the university’s platform. He believed that no matter where he was, he should still participate in blood donation and show the spirit of mutual help and love.

Thanks to all the medical staff of the Blood Transfusion Centre for their presence and patience in explaining the steps and precautions to each student and staff member who participated in the event!