Vice-Chairman of AAUSJ Addy Chan talked about preventing COVID-19 at home through Facebook Live-Sharing 





Alumni Association of USJ Vice-Chairman Addy Chan talked about preventing COVID-19 at home through Facebook Live-Sharing

In order to let students and alumni know more about effective measures for preventing the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) at home, Vice-Chairman of USJ Alumni Association (AAUSJ) and Macao engineer Mr. Addy Chan provided many professional tips for preventing the disease through the Facebook Live-sharing session on 14 Feb 2020. The video of Live-sharing session was taken by other Vice-Chairman of AAUSJ, Mr.Balaam Kent Nagata, Office of Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) co-organised, Residential Hall Office (RHO) and Facilities, Administration & Operations Office (FAO) provided venue and equipment support respectively. On the other hand, Vice-chairman of AAUSJ Ms. Ngai Sou (Angela) donated cleaning and disinfection materials to USJ which help for fighting against the coronavirus.

Mr. Addy Chan introduced how to prevent bringing the virus and bacteria home from outside, which includes making an anti-virus carpet using 1:49 diluted household bleach at entrance to disinfect the sole of the shoe, as well as how to discover the potential risk at home, in particular, the proper way of checking the drainage system, such as the U-shaped pipe under the sink at toilet and kitchen,  to prevent the virus and bacteria go inside the home effectively. Mr Addy Chan also introduced how to ensure ventilation system is effective at home using a fan, and suggest to use 70-80% alcohol or 1:99 diluted household bleach for household disinfection.

By the end of the sharing session, Mr Addy Chan answered the questions from many alumni and students and let them have more understandings about disease prevention at home.

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