To USJ staff and students: Update on the Use of the New Campus





Update on the Use of the New Campus from USJPRO

Dear Colleagues and Students,

USJ’s campus in the Ilha Verde district survived the two typhoons with some limited, but severe, structural damage mainly to the basement area, which was flooded with the polluted sea water from the Inner Port.

As for NAPE1, a glass door was broken – probably by a flying object –, but no other damage was caused by the storms.

In the new campus, flood-water has now been pumped out of the basement and damage to essential campus equipment is being assessed. The academic building is functional, though the power provision for the internet on the ground floor is still not stable, and the top floors do not have running water. The residential building and library have neither running water nor electricity. However, we are hopeful that electrical power can be fully re-established by the end of this week, and running water should be available throughout the campus as soon as the pumps in the basement can be checked and repaired or replaced.

Elevators in both buildings are not yet functioning, and an assessment of the required repairs is being made. The air-conditioning system in the residential and Library building has been affected, but an assessment of the damage will only be possible after power has been reconnected to that building. Similarly, it will only be possible to test the internet provision in the Library and accommodation floors of the residential building when the electricity is turned back on.

Given the lack of warning about the intensity of the typhoon, flooding had not been expected. As a result, technical equipment belonging to FCI and most of the Ricci Library, which had been temporarily stored in the basement, were not moved in time and have been completely destroyed.

Because recovery operations are still underway and the IT equipment is in the final stages of being installed, a definitive picture of the situation will not be clear before the end of this week. The good news, however, is that the permit from the Public Works has been issued, and that both DSEJ and GAES have visited the new campus and are willing to discuss support for the recovery and repairs.

From our survey of the premises and the estimates of the contractor, CDSJ will be able to start classes next Monday, September 4, and USJ can expect to move to the new campus sometime next week. We do not foresee the need to alter any of the dates in our academic calendar for September.

Please note that USJ offices – for enrolment, payments, etc. –, will continue to operate in NAPE1 until the required infra-structure is fully operational in the new campus. Information will be circulated to all as soon as any change of venue comes into effect for any of these offices.

Note also that telephone numbers for all USJ offices will change when they move to the new campus.

Macao, 30 August 2017

PR Office