University of Saint Joseph’s Sea of Plastic Exhibition Culminates with Opening and Award Ceremony





A Drop by Drop initiative sponsored by Sands China Highlighting environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Organized by the Institute of Science and Environment (ISE) at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and sponsored by Sands China, The Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition, a culmination of a year-long project focused on raising awareness about plastic pollution and promoting sustainable practices, held its opening and award ceremony on June 5, 2023, at The Venetian Macao.

In commemoration of World Environment Day, which centered on the theme “Solutions to Plastic Pollution,” the event exhibited a collection of artworks produced by local artists and participants of the Plastic Pollution Artwork competition, who are currently pursuing studies at various levels. The featured pieces emphasized the detrimental effects of plastic pollution on the environment, offering a range of interpretations of the plastic pollution in our oceans and coasts theme. All artworks have been exclusively created or composed from fully recycled or reused materials.

During the opening ceremony, Prof. Shirley Siu, the Research Coordinator of ISE expressed that “Art has a unique power to transcend boundaries, ignite emotions, and spark conversations. Through this exhibition, we aim to harness the power of art to tell the stories of plastic’s impact on our environment, wildlife, and human lives. Each artwork has been created with a purpose. It is not merely a showcase of beauty as an art per se, it is a call to action, urging us to reassess our relationship with plastic and encouraging us to adopt sustainable practices. “

Sean McCreery, Executive Vice President of Operations of Sands China Ltd., said, “At Sands China, we always strive to protect our planet by minimizing our environmental impact. Conserving our water resources and protecting the local aquatic ecosystems are important issues in our Sands ECO360 global sustainable strategy. We hope that activities like this help emphasize the critical need and importance of protecting our oceans and coastal systems. We want to extend our gratitude to USJ for their dedication and efforts. By working together, not only have we raised awareness about plastic pollution, but also implemented meaningful nature-based solutions for other water-related issues.”

In celebration of World Environment Day, Sands China turned off exterior lights and non-essential indoor lights at its properties on June 5 for one hour in support of the annual global event, in a bid to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment.

Officiating guests of the ceremony included: Ms. Wen Hongyan, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Sands China Ltd.; Prof. David Gonçalves, Dean of ISE of USJ; Charlie Cai, Vice President of Procurement and Sustainability of Sands China Ltd.; Prof. Shirley Siu, Research Coordinator of ISE; and Ms. Stephanie Zhao, Associate Director of Sustainability of Sands China Ltd.

Primary SchoolFirst Place

Jason Fan, Raizel Ho, Daphne Wong, Henry Liu, and Bella Li (The International School of Macao)

Second Place

Teresa Barroso dos Santos Raquel, Hailey Cheung, William Wong, Emma Yang, Max Lo, Elsa Wong, Aiden Lu, Hailey Ip (The International School of Macao)

Third Place

Matthew Cheung, Rosalind Xing, Alexander Jackson Fung, Carolina Gomes Da Costa Couto (The International School of Macao)

Fourth Place

Ng Ian Wong Angie, Yang Chi Iam Suri, Choi Pui Hun Helena, Allexa Belle Smith, Serena Ao, Willow Ramirez Carison, Hong Pui I Rosaria, Leonor Pun Cardoso Ferreira, Iao Ka Wai, Cheng Sio Cheng Sheeta, Lei Tin Ian Emily, Chen Wan Hei Cyan, Tabatha Reed Harley-Lievesley, Pak Chi Sou Elanna, Ip Pak Cheng Gabriella, Lei Chou In Jodie (Macao Anglican College)

Secondary School First Place

Chan Hio Pan, Chang Man Wa (Lou Hau Middle School)

Second Place

Miga Ao, Philomena Chan, Zita Kou, Belle Lei, Victoria Lou (Sacred Heart Canossian College – English Section)

Third Place

Daphne Ho, Lusheeta Lei, Hilary Leong, Vivienne Leong, Mila Sun

(Sacred Heart Canossian College – English Section)

Fourth Place

Gigi Huang, Monique Ieong, Cherry Lei, Ankie Leong (Sacred Heart Canossian College – English Section)

University First Place

Lei Chi Ian, Ng Lek Him, Cheang Mak Ho, and Ping An Zheng (USJ – Design and Architecture)

Second Place

Daniel dos Santos, Valéria Carvalho (USJ – Education)

Third Place

Samanda So, Kelly Li (USJ – Social Work)

Fourth Place

Helia Chong Ka Hei,  Kou Lok Io (USJ – Education)

Special awards were also presented during the ceremony. Green Future, an NGO dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution, received recognition for its outstanding participation and dedication. Tchusca Songo, an artist whose artworks contributed significantly to raising awareness about plastic pollution, was also honored with a special award.

This event also concluded a mobile exhibition that has been on display at 12 local schools over the last seven months, reaching around 20,000 teachers and students. The exhibition involved educational talks, informative poster exhibitions, and scientific research focused on wetland ecosystems as a solution for plastic pollution and coastal defense in Macao. This event is part of the outreach initiative of the project “Wetland ecosystems: a nature-based solution for coastal protection and plastic pollution entrapment in Macao” which is supported by Clean the World foundation and Las Vegas Sands, and developed by ISE, under the leadership of Prof. Karen Araño Tagulao, within the framework of the Drop by Drop Project  that reinvests capital from water stewardship efforts into innovative projects.

Sands China considers initiatives like Drop by Drop as a crucial part of the company’s environmental sustainability efforts under the Sands ECO360 global sustainability strategy of parent company Las Vegas Sands Corp. Sands ECO360 is designed to utilise measures like energy saving, resource recycling, conservation and community engagement in order to help minimise the company’s environmental impact and lead the way in sustainable building development and resort operations. More information about the programme is available at https://www.sands.com/responsibility/planet/#our-program-sands-eco360.

The “Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition” will remain open to the public until June 23 at the Circle Hall, Level 3, The Venetian Macao. Visitors are encouraged to explore the captivating artworks and reflect on the urgent need to address plastic pollution for a sustainable future.

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"Sea of Plastic: A Recycled Art Exhibition" at The Venetian Macau