Ongoing partnership with Macao for Waste Reduction NGO for plastic sorting and recycling: results for the first 6 months





USJ has been hosting a plastic sorting and collection event since December 2020 in partnership with local NGO “Macao For Waste Reduction”.

As part of its plastic management strategy, since December 2020, the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) has been hosting a plastic sorting and collection event on the second Saturday of every month, in partnership with local NGO Macao for Waste Reduction

Single use plastics are used only once but lasts virtually forever, making them one of the worse pollutants on land and in the oceans. USJ is aware of that, and aims to increasingly eliminate plastic on-campus, as well as to help the community explore sustainable alternatives and better plastic waste management strategies

Eliminating plastic and using alternative reusable products is the best solutions, yet while we transition to a plastic free world, we can reduce the destructive impact of plastic on ecosystems by recycling it. To make recycling possible, plastic must be correctly sorted into different types.

In our monthly events, students, staff, and the outside community are invited to bring their recyclables to campus and receive training on the best way of sorting it. The materials are then sent to suitable recycling plants in Macao and abroad (Click here to view where the collected items go)

Until June 2021, we sorted more than 45 kg of plastic waste, plus 80 kg of paper and 8 kg of metal waste (Click here to view the database). This partnership will be maintained during the next academic year, and in the future, in order to help make Macao a more sustainable city.