ILCM donates to the USJ Prison Outreach Programme





A total of MOP 20,000 was donated by the International Ladies’ Club of Macau to the USJ Prison Outreach Programme.

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) received a MOP 20,000 donation from the International Ladies Club of Macau (ILCM) on the 7th of September, 2022, for the USJ Prison Outreach Programme to use in support of Scholarships.

The Vice-Rector of USJ, Professor Keith Morrison, opened the ceremony by cordially welcoming Ms.Donatella Maschio, the Vice-President and Community Service Organizer of ILCM. Professor Morrison expressed the University’s gratitude for the generous and meaningful donation made by the ILCM in supporting USJ’s outreach programme with the Coloane prison and the opportunity for scholarships that the donation provided. He outlined some of the features of the outreach programme, commenting on how it had expanded its scope over the years and how it provided an important service to the Macau community.

In this project, Professor Morrison commented on the humanitarian and academic intentions of the programme, which are signal features of USJ. This was reinforced by comments received by the members of the USJ who were present at the ceremony. In response, Ms. Donatella Maschio gave important insights on the values and operations of the ILCM, in which the alignment between its values and those of USJ was clear and well appreciated by all those present. Other USJ representatives are Dr. Alex, Administrator of USJ, Prof. Jacky Ho, Dean of Faculty of Health Sciences, Mr. Duncan Miers, Director of English Language Center, Prof. Helen Liu, Research Coordinator for the Faculty of Health Sciences and Programme Leader of the Prison Outreach Programme.

Ms. Donatella Maschio indicated that the International Ladies’ Club of Macau started its cooperation with the Macao community 40 years ago and the links with the Charities and NGOs have strengthened over the years. The aim of ILCM has been, and continues to be, to encourage growth and offer opportunities to the less fortunate. She said our collaboration with the USJ goes back quite a few years and this latest project fits well with the values of the club to foster compassion and hope. “We acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done and we are proud to support USJ and in particular the work of Prof. Helen Liu and her team, whose efforts are focused in ensuring the inmate population of Macau has an opportunity to reconnect with society in a meaningful way” said Ms. Donatella Maschio.