Delegation of Xavier University's School of Business and Management explores partnership opportunities with USJ Macao





Recently, USJ Macau welcomed a delegation from Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan). The visit aimed at conducting benchmarking activities and exploring possible collaborations in the area of Environmental Sciences.

On the 8th of April 2024, members of the University of Saint Joseph Macao (USJ) led by the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Teresa Loong, warmly welcomed the visit of a delegation from Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan). The delegation comprises faculty and administrative members from the School of Business and Management, to engage in benchmarking activities and explore potential collaborations. 

The Xavier University delegation was accompanied by the members of the Consulate General of the Philippines in Macao SAR, Mr Lorenzo Rhys Jungco, together with the Vice Consul, Ms Regina Angeli Ambrocio and the cultural officer, Ms Emily Kristine Villanueva-Descallar. The Consulate General first visited USJ in February 2024, where they discussed the opportunities to implement the fellowship for students from Blue-Card Households in the Macao SAR.

The primary objective of the delegation’s visit was to gain insights into USJ’s renowned business curriculum and expand Xavier University’s School of Business and Management. The visit fostered the collaboration between Xavier University’s School of Business and Management and USJ’s Faculty of Business and Law, and explored possible collaboration in the area of Environmental Sciences and best practices between the two institutions, focusing on enhancing academic programs and promoting excellence in business education.

Following the meeting, the Xavier University delegation embarked on a comprehensive tour of the USJ campus. The tour showcased several notable facilities, including the Laboratory of Applied Neuroscience, the Academic building, the chapel, the Studio, and the recreational area of the 18th Residential Hall. The delegation had the opportunity to witness the modern infrastructure and well-equipped spaces that contribute to the holistic development of USJ students.

Both delegations expressed enthusiasm and optimism about the potential benefits that could arise from future collaborations. The visit served as a platform for fostering lasting partnerships and establishing robust academic networks between Xavier University and USJ Macao. 

Among the Xavier University delegation were Dean, Dr. RuthLove.Russell, Associate Dean, Dr. RustumD.Gevero, chair of the Accountancy Department, Mr. AbelNicoloL.Yu, Director of Student Entrepreneurship Center, Dr. JimboA.Fuentes, Faculty of Business Administration Department, Mr RolanF.Literatus, President of XU college parents and faculty association SBM chapter, Ms. Cherryb.Jamero and the vice president of XU College parents and faculty association SBM chapter, Ms. Rocel L. Halibas

In the amidst of the USJ delegation were Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Teresa Loong, Dean of Faculty of Business and Law, Prof. Jenny Phillips, Programme Coordinator for the Master of Environmental Sciences and Management, Prof. Karen Tagulao and Coordinator of BBA programme, representing the Department of BA, Prof. Alessandro Lampo.

Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) is a Filipino, Catholic and Jesuit educational community dedicated to the integral development of persons for the needs of Mindanao, the Philippines and Asia-Pacific. The university is also one of the members of ASEACCU (Association of Southeast Asia Catholic Colleges and Universities). As a University, Xavier engages in the authentic search for the truth through teaching, formation, research and social outreach; it is dedicated to the renewal, discovery, safeguarding and communication of knowledge and human values; and it trains men and women to think rigorously, to act rightly and serve humanity justly. (Source: Xavier University Website)