Elapse Pavilion 2017



ELAPSE Pavilion 2017 on 22nd May 2017



Exhibition: 22–27 May 2017

Opening: Monday 22 May 2017 at 7:30 pm (performance starts at 8:00pm)

Designed and built by University of Saint Joseph third-year undergraduate architecture students, the ELAPSE Pavilion is a temporary structure located at the edge of Sai Van Lake. The design is derived from shape grammars, a rule-based system used as the basis for form-finding exercises. Constructed from bamboo poles, steel-rod connections, and nylon ropes, the simplicity of the design is brought to life by computer-controlled video mapping, music, and a live performance on the opening night. By applying advanced digital design techniques to vernacular construction materials, the pavilion is intended to resonate with Macau’s historical building culture and its contemporary cityscape.

Organised by 

Department of Architecture

Faculty of Creative Industries

University of Saint Joseph



Cheong Kam Fat Kenny

Cheung Sut Ieng Tiffany

Ieong Chon Iat Haha

Igbinobaro Osarodion Victory

Im Hon Pong Paul

Jong Tak Yan Andrew

Sim-Na M’bana Sambú

Mamadú Seck

Wong Bosco Che Kei


João Ó and Neil Sansom

Projection Mapping

Casber U and Nico Liu (Neba Studio)

Dance Performance

Candy Kuok and Tomas Tse (Soda-City Experimental Workshop Arts Association)

Technical Support 

Gerald Estadieu (Minchee Lab)


Impromptu Projects

Neba Studio

Soda-City Experimental Workshop Arts Association

Minchee Lab



Macau Foundation