Research Laboratory for Cultural Sustainability – Research Lines

Research Laboratory for Cultural Sustainability aims to collaborate on research-driven projects as well as on pedagogical and artistic projects, which can be related to the following themes:

Cultural Sustainability

  • The Cultural Politics of Material and Immaterial Heritage
  • Intellectual, Artistic and Spiritual Heritage
  • Languages, Oral histories and traditions, linguistic evolutions for shaping identities
  • Cultural Practices
  • Cultural Heritage Law

History and Heritage

  • History of urban transformations and development in Macau and Greater Bay Area
  • Contemporary forms of urbanism (eg. digital urbanism, infrastructure-led urbanism)
  • Changing Urban Atmospheres and Visual Culture in Asian Societies

Entrepreneurial Culture: Identity and Innovation

  • Indigenous Innovation Culture: Social and Ecological Innovations
  • Creative Industries and Visual Media
  • Digital Heritage and Cultural Analytics
  • Cultural Tourism and Sustainable Tourism Practices
  • Business and Social Ethics

Last Updated: July 24, 2023 at 10:48 am