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Faculty of Arts and Humanities

3-5 Years (Evening) English Ilha Verde Campus


The Doctoral programme in Global Studies is an interdisciplinary research track that studies the interconnectedness of cultures across the globe from a historical and contemporary perspective. Predominant subjects are related with the geographical location of Macao and its long-standing tradition of acculturation between East and West. From this perspective, the doctoral programme features research topics primarily under the scope of Design, Architecture, Intercultural Communication, Anthropology, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Arts and Music, and Sociology.

During the 3-5 years of study, Doctorate in Global Studies students hold full-time student status.

The Doctoral Programme Coordinator is Prof. Adérito Fernandes Marcos.

Course Structure

Students complete the curricular part of the programme during the first year, which is composed of the following 5 modules:

  • Methodologies of Investigation
  • Methods and Techniques for Quantitative Research
  • Methods and Techniques for Qualitative Research
  • Integrative Research Seminars
  • Specialist Studies and Reading Programme

During the first year of study, students must also prepare a thesis proposal. The completion of all modules and University approval of the proposal is a requirement to progress to the thesis-writing stage of the programme.

Doctoral Thesis

Working directly under an academic supervisor, the doctoral student independently completes an original and significant research project. Students begin their thesis once their proposed work and supervisory arrangements have been approved by the University.

Past Doctoral Thesis

Yung Chun Sing


Ana Claudia Dias Cardoso


Bernard Tan Chee Seng



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A preliminary research plan is required to apply. Applicants may choose one of the open doctoral topics or submit their own thesis proposal as part of their application.

Study plan & description of modules

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Year 1
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