USJ students show their best-selected works at Creative Macao





“Selected Works 2020” is the name of the exhibition opened to the public at the Creative Macao gallery, from 6 to 21 November.

Artworks from the University of Saint Joseph’s (USJ) Department of Creative Industries graduated students, exhibited as part of the “Selected Works 2020” exhibition, aim to showcase the best projects from the bachelors of Architecture, Communication & Media, Design and Fashion Design of the academic year 2019-2020. The exhibition features a selection of five architecture projects, two of product design, three fashion collections, and five transmedia projects.


Graduates from the Bachelor of Architecture developed innovative green architecture concepts for the Ilha Verde neighbourhood. Working under the theme “Green Link”, identifying the districts’ problems and opportunities and reimagined its urban fabric with a new conceptual masterplan and innovative architectures that explores a greener lifestyle, promoting social equity and environmental health. The selected individual projects materialize the key ideas of the masterplan and showcase the originality of each graduate, following a diverse range of programs from a Library, to a Mixed-use building and a Community Center, creating innovative new prototypes for a greener Macau.


Communication and Media graduated students learned how to express their feelings, opinions and ideas through different mediums and channels, using different styles and types of media, applying critical thinking to the messages being portrayed, and using techniques and aesthetic values which are represented through the selected works at the exhibition. Furthermore, our bachelor of Communication & Media students know how to efficiently put into practice the most advanced tools in digital production, according to professional, real-world production practice.

The focus of the Bachelor of Communication & Media students works is to bring the imagined to life, exploring many different topics ranging from reimagining the landscapes of Macau to childhood nostalgia. All through different, creatively diverse mediums such as the capture of life through photography, through graphic design and many more. The photography displayed in the exhibition showcases student’s creative and technical skills, offering a different perspective on what we see daily. “Imagination is key to a creative mind. It leads us to new worlds, to the outside of the box, to make the impossible and the unusual.” The challenge for our Communication and Media graduation students was to find a way through various media to share a message that was relevant to each one of them.


Under the theme “Duality”, students of the bachelor of design focused their final graduation project explicitly on consistent and innovative design products. Students were challenged to think creatively, imagining what-if scenarios, reinventing existing products, and sustainably creating new ones. This year’s project centred on product design and furniture design; the first one focused on updating the recycling system stations in Macau, giving them not only a more attractive look with touch-free apertures but also a more robust design so that the local community can easily identify them as sustainable recycling stations; the latter focused on origami-style furnishings with a trendy, clean and sturdy-feeling to be used in modern botanic-style home design.


The students of bachelor of fashion design proposed three radical concepts for Macau’s Fashion, with the theme “Transparency”, showcasing stylish and innovative collections. The graduates brought together diverse projects in the areas of fashion design where their talents were taken to the extreme, always taking into account their styles. Each student’s collection consists of five garments, with a total of thirty garments being created. Of these thirty outfits, fifteen will be showcased showing their creativity, talent and strategy for Macau’s new fashion outlooks. The students’ collections also had in consideration the manipulation of modern materials and fabrics resorting to the use of new technologies like Laser-cut and 3D printing.

The Department of Creative Industries of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities invites all interested in visiting the exhibition held at the Creative Macao Gallery, G/F Macau Cultural Centre Building, until 21 November 2020.

Click here to view photos of the opening day