USJ strengthens partnership with ISAG through ERASMUS+ Programme





USJ professor conducts a business workshop, and a USJ delegation explores further collaboration with European Business School.

From June 6 to 9, 2022, University of Saint Joseph’s (USJ) Faculty of Business and Law Prof. Sérgio Gomes participated in ISAG’s Summer International Week as part of the ERASMUS+ partnership between USJ and ISAG. During the event attended by students and faculty, Prof. Gomes presented on the importance of the gaming sector to the economy of Macao. Other presentations covered business-related topics such as emerging technologies, sustainable governance, and economic trends. Participants from the nine countries represented at the event learned about the context of each other’s countries of origin, affiliated institutions, and areas of research. PhD Professor Ana Pinto Borges, Scientific Coordinator of CICET-FCVC, facilitated the sharing of research for participants to identify opportunities for future research collaboration between the participating ISAG partners. USJ’s participation in this event strengthened the relationship with ISAG regarding Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) student mobility and research cooperation.

On July 20, 2022, USJ’s Head of the Department of Psychology, Prof. Vítor Teixeira, and Head of Technologies and Facilities Office, Mr Tiago Monteiro, visited ISAG European Business School (Instituto Superior de Administração e Gestão) in Porto, Portugal. The visit was sponsored by the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme for USJ and ISAG to pursue opportunities for institutional collaboration and to strengthen social capital. Specific collaborations discussed included possibilities for the development of cross-cultural studies, international internships for students, and joint research projects.

The USJ delegation met with members of ISAG’s International Relations Office, Dr. Mariana Sousa and Dr. Cheila Fernandes, and with Dr. Henrique Pires, Deputy Director of ISAG-EBS. After sharing about their own institutions and the distinguishing realities of Macao and Portugal, a rich conversation took place on ways to strengthen current joint projects and to explore potential areas of collaboration in research, student and staff exchange, and international internships.

The USJ delegation then visited ISAG’s Research Center in Business Sciences and Tourism (CICET –  Centro de Investigação em Ciências Empresariais e Turismo) under the Consuelo Vieira da Costa Foundation (FCVC – Fundação Consuelo Vieira da Costa) where they met with FCVC Coordinator, Dr. Bárbara Sousa, and CICET Research Technician, Dr. Daniela Castilho, to learn about the Center and areas for future research collaboration, namely: accessible tourism, outdoor tourism, monitoring and evaluation of participant satisfaction at events, and studies based-on FCVC Senior University’s social programme for the elderly.