USJ Sports Day 2024 - Vitality and Diversity for Health





“USJ Sports Day 2024” was held from 23rd to 24th March. The event aims to promote the physical and mental health of university students and to build a platform for alumni bonding.

The University of Saint Joseph held the “USJ Sports Day 2024” for two consecutive days. Over 90 students, staff members and alumni participated in the event, which featured volleyball, badminton, basketball and soccer competitions. The event aimed to promote the physical and mental health of students and to build a platform for alumni bonding.

The first volleyball match commenced at 9:00 am on 23rd March. Prior to the event, USJ staff members and coaches provided bilingual explanations of the relevant competition rules and guidelines. Lao Kin Kam (BCM ,Year3) said that in preparation for the volleyball competition, he would wake up as early as 5:00 am and go for a run to warm up to maintain his optimal condition. He mentioned that the inclusion of mixed-gender volleyball matches in the competition helps broaden his understanding of sports in different fields.After the intense competition,the winner of  the volleyball competition is  “A.L.T.”.The second place is “Terence請食飯“and “Xaverio Boe Bo” claiming the third place. 

The basketball and badminton matches were held at the same venue in the afternoon at 2 o’clock. Throughout the competitions, both USJ students and alumni showcased their spirit of perseverance and determination, highlighting their passion for sports.In the basketball tournament, the team “周圍” emerged as the champions, followed by “四支大炮隨便隊” as the runners-up, and “Mark Mvp” securing the third place.

During the event, the badminton competition was divided into three categories, men’s singles, women’s singles, and mixed doubles. Special thanks were extended to the volunteers from the CDSJ6 who assisted in the event and provided venue support. 

Chan Hang Wai (MCP,Year 2) expressed that the Sports Day provided a platform for undergraduate and graduate students to engage in sports and enhance their communication skills during their free time. She pointed out that the participants had varying levels of skill and ability. and participating in the competition allowed them to gain valuable experience. 

The results of the badminton competition are as follows:

Men’s Singles

  • The winner : Zhong Junfeng (MBA,Year2)
  • The second place: Pun Chi Hin (Alumnae)
  • The third Place: Lei Man Kit (BSWP,Year4)

Woman’s Singles

  • The winner : Deng Si Tek (BSWP , Year3)
  • The second place: Cheong Weng Kei (Alumnae)
  • The third Place: Sin Ka Wai (BPY,Year 3)

Mixed Doubles

  • The winner : Pun Si Pui, Fong Weng Cheng
  • The second place: Deng Si Tek, Pun Chi Hin 
  • The third Place: Chan Hang Wai, Ho Pak Kei

The football competition took place on the following day and was played in a four-a-side format. The participants on the field enjoyed the joy of playing football, and the event concluded successfully.

The champion title was claimed by “DJURTUS,” with “St. Dominic” securing the runner-up position and “社工傳媒中心” achieving the third place. We extend our gratitude once again to the venue support provided by the CDSJ5.

Congratulations to the winners of the USJ Sports Day 2024 and a special thanks to all students who came to support their classmates and friends. See you again next year!