Mainland China Student Recruitment





Statement by the Rector of USJ, Professor Stephen Morgan, regarding Mainland China Student Recruitment

“I was delighted to receive the formal notification from the Ministry of Education of the Central People’s Government of the permission for the University of Saint Joseph (“USJ”) to recruit students on a trial basis for the current academic year and beyond to our post-graduate programmes in Architecture, Business Administration, Information Systems and Science. Key in this process has been the constant advocacy of our case by the Chief Executive of the Macao SAR, the Honorable Mr Ho Iat Seng, by the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, the Honorable Ms Ao Ieong U and the staff of the Education and Youth Development Bureau. To them in particular, I want to say thank you on behalf of the entire USJ community – staff, students, alumni and friends. The granting of this permission would not have been possible without the support and assistance of the Director and members of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in Macao and the encouragement of the Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and his office. For their efforts on our behalf, I am immensely very grateful.

I am very conscious of the responsibility that the Central People’s Government has placed in USJ through this permission, and want to give every assurance of our gratitude and sincerity. We will closely observe the detailed regulations concerning this permit and will spare no effort in seeking to repay the trust and confidence of the Ministry of Education, as we seek to demonstrate that we are a university in, of and for Macao, in of and for China. 

Over the last few years, USJ has developed close working relationships with a number of higher educations and research institutions in Mainland China. Those institutions recognise the very special character of USJ as a unique platform within the Greater Bay Area for co-operation between Chinese and Portuguese-speaking countries and as an example of Macao as a base for the harmonious exchange between the culture of the East and the West. The permission we have now received holds out for us the very real opportunity of deepening those collaborations in concrete ways that had not thus far been possible.”


Rector of the University of Saint Joseph
Rev. Prof. Stephen Morgan

13 September 2021