USJ Mentorship Programme 2022-2023 Inauguration and Orientation Day





The Inauguration and Orientation Day for the USJ Mentorship Programme 2022-2023 was held on 17 December, 2022, at the USJ Ilha Verde Campus.

The Inauguration and Orientation Day for the USJ Mentorship Programme 2022-2023 was held on the 17th of December, 2022, at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Ilha Verde Campus.  Led by Mr. Joe Tam, the session started with ice breaking and team building activities between the participants and the matching of Mentees and Mentors so the participating members may preliminarily experience communication and interaction through the tasks set.

With the facilitation by four staff members from the Office of Student and Alumni Affairs, a split introductory session for mentors and mentees was followed.  Our alumnus mentor and the Secretary of General Assembly of the Alumni Association of University of Saint Joseph (AAUSJ), Mr. Miles Choi Seng Hon shared his experiences and insights of being a mentor to our mentors while his mentee Mr. Nelson Chio Lap Son shared to our new mentees from different majors.

The USJ Mentorship Programme is aimed at providing a valuable opportunity for our students and young alumni to seek advice and guidance from our alumni mentors in different industries.  The University would like to express the gratitude and appreciation to the selflessness of all the voluntary mentors and generous sponsorship for this orientation by the Education and Youth Development Bureau.