USJ held Career Fair 2024 with the theme "Career Exploration"





The USJ Career Fair 2024 was held in March at the Ilha Verde Campus. The event was aimed at promoting employment opportunities and job search for students.

To promote employment opportunities and job search for students, the event series of the USJ Career Fair 2024, sponsored by the Macao Foundation and organised by the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), was held in March at the Ilha Verde Campus. The theme of this year’s Career Fair was “Career Exploration” which attracted over 20 companies and organisations to participate, offering thousands of positions for USJ’s students and alumni.

The opening ceremony of the Career Fair was held on 20th March, 2024. The Rector of USJ, Rev’d Professor Stephen Morgan, delivered the opening speech. He emphasised the importance of the undergraduate years as a crucial period of growth for students. He praised both local and international students for their ability to overcome the challenges of non-native language communication in their studies. He also highlighted their flexibility in thinking, as well as their dedication and talent. Drawing from his own experience, he encouraged the students to step out of their comfort zone, broaden their horizons, and expand their perspectives.

Career Advising and Personality Test Analysis Station

The positions offered by the participating organisations this year covered a wide range of fields, including banking and finance, education and training, hospitality, human resources, retail, transportation, and social services. The event also featured CV consultation and mock interview experience, personality tests and analysis, and career advising station, where employers and USJ staff were available to answer students’ career-related questions and provide onsite consultation.

Miss Pang Wing Yan, a Bachelor final-year student from the School of Education at USJ, shared her thoughts on the career advising and personality test analysis station. She believed that students could explore their multifaceted potential based on the results of the Holland Code (RIASEC) Test, which would help them discover various aspects of themselves and inspire their future choices in different types of jobs. She appreciated the flexibility of the event, which included not only recruitment booths but also booths providing information on further studies, allowing students to consider multiple options.

CV Consultation and Mock Interview Experience

The event also featured CV Consultation and Mock Interview Experiences, providing students with one-on-one professional sessions to enhance their practical interview skills. USJ extends appreciation to JC Human Resources Consulting for providing their expertise and valuable experience to students. 

Ms. Vicky Wong, Assistant HR Manager of JC Human Resources Consulting, believed that the USJ students demonstrated their ability to understand interview questions and clearly express their needs. Regarding attire, she advised students to choose simple and dark-colored formal wear for interviews, avoiding flashy outfits. She encouraged interviewees to continuously improve themselves and be well-prepared for a successful transition into the workplace.

Mr. António Ambrose, a Bachelor final-year student from the Faculty of Business and Law at USJ, expressed his appreciation for the mock interview experience, where the interviewers provided him with practical tips. They gave advice on his sitting posture, personal expression skills, and appearance, offering professional feedback. As a graduating student, he suggested incorporating specific organizations into interview questions to create a more realistic scenario for students.

Career Talks

Three Career Talks in total were held as part of the Career Fair Series, including information on support services for local youth employment and job market in Macao, information on entrepreneurship in Zhongshan Yichuang Space, and the “Becoming a Teacher: Tips for Job Interview” session.

The first Career Talk took place on 1st March, and was delivered by the Labour Affairs Bureau, providing support measures related to youth employment. Representatives from two companies, SJM Resorts, S.A. and Galaxy Entertainment Group, were also invited to the talk and share their insights with the students. The talk not only provided students with useful vision into the current job market in Macau, but also inspired them to think more deeply about their future job search, employment, and planning.

The second talk was hosted by Mr. Kelvin Liu, the Operations Manager of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cooperation Platform of Zhongshan city, on 20th March. During the talk, Kelvin provided students with an in-depth and accessible overview of the current entrepreneurial landscape and prospects. He also presented the spatial planning, incubation effectiveness, and basic entrepreneurship services in Zhongshan. He then explained the application process for Hong Kong and Macao youth entrepreneurs, as well as the relevant employment policies, while advising students to familiarize themselves with the local environment and conduct thorough research before starting a business.

The third talk, “Becoming a Teacher: Tips for Job Interview,” was held on 22nd March, focusing on interview skills and teacher career development. Ms. Lao Sio Wa, Principal of Escola de Santa Teresa do Menino Jesus, shared valuable insights on interview preparation, teaching demonstrations, and practical strategies for successful interviews. She emphasised the importance of understanding educational frameworks and legal regulations, as well as considering student characteristics and academic requirements in lesson planning. Through the simulated teacher job interviews and discussions, Ms. Lao provided thought-provoking questions and useful tips, enabling students to grasp the teaching landscape and career planning.

The USJ Career Fair 2024 event series provided students with valuable opportunities to explore different career paths, receive guidance on interview preparation, and gain awareness into various industries. The event was aimed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to make informed career decisions and succeed in the job market. By connecting students with employers and providing them with resources and support, the Career Fair series played a significant role in fostering career development and enhancing students’ employability.