USJ Fashion Show 2020 - "TRANSPARENCY"





The Fashion Show event of the first graduate students from the Bachelor of Fashion Design.

On Friday, September 18 at 6:00 PM at the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) the Department of Creative Industries of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH), in collaboration with the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM), presented the Fashion Show of the first graduate students from the Bachelor of Fashion Design. The event showcased the student’s final graduation projects, centred on the theme “TRANSPARENCY“.

The event was the culmination of the 2013’s agreement between the USJ and the CPTTM, to co-organise a unique four-year programme in Macau, the Bachelor of Fashion Design, aiming at discovering and fostering qualified local fashion designers. While the University teaches theoretical/practical classes, the Centre provides industry practical training to educate and encourage new blood to enter the fashion design industry.

The Fashion Show proposed six radical concepts for Macao’s Fashion, showcasing the student’s innovative collections. They brought together diverse projects in the areas of fashion design where their talents were nurtured through the aforementioned collaboration during the four-year Fashion Design programme. An in-depth academic and technical training structure was developed, where students gained appropriate fashion design and creative skills—aiming to boost their professional status and build their careers in the industry.

Each student’s collection consisted of five garments, with a total of thirty garments being presented. Each collection was fashionably designed, showing their creativity and talent, using new technologies like Laser-cut and 3D Printing.

Students who participated in the Bachelor of Fashion Design Capstone Projects were Chan, Ka I (Katherine), Lou, Eva Nga I (Eva), Luana Vila Maior (Mona), André Francisco Mariano do Rosário (Éffina), Micaela Carolina Ali and Cheong, Chi Fong (Scofield), all supervised by Prof. Ana Cardoso.

The Department of Creative Industries of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities cordially invites you to review the student’s fashion show event, here. #fashionUSJ / #fashionshowUSJ



Model: Nuno
Graduate Designer – Eva Lou

The name of her collection is Completely Incomplete. The collection is inspired by a self-conversation that seeks a Poetic, Diverse and Dramatic self. Through the process of self-seeking, we can feel lost, and we may have difficulty to express and define ourselves. Others might label us even though we may not fit those labels, we are always changing, and that makes us completely incomplete. The style and looks of the collection are influenced by the Japanese Sengoku period, ancient Korean style, and the Xia style (Mandarin, Ancient Chinese Knight). Although the palette is mainly cold, using nude, grey and black colours, the color Red runs throughout the collection, bringing power and drama, showing timelessness, modernity, and sophistication.


Model: Rex C.
Graduate Designer – Scofield Cheong

The name of the collection is the Slacker Generation. The words that define this collection are fun, lose and nevermind. This collection focuses on the song “smells like teen spirit” from Nirvana. This type of grunge music attracts a group of teenagers called the “Slacker Generation”. The colour palette is the same colour used on the album cover of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” which includes white, red, orange, sky blue, and black. Inspiration arose from the album’s cover, in the front, we see a baby swimming underwater following a dollar bill caught by a fish line, and on the back, it features a rubber monkey amongst eye-catching orange flame that is strongly contrasted with the baby under the water. The back cover colour shows aggressiveness, anger, frustration, and depression. An attitude seen in grunge music.


Model: Carl A.
Graduate Designer – Éffina do Rosário

The name of the collection is Xpose. The collection reflects empowerment, the identity of oneself, and energy. The central concept of this collection is the exposure of parts of the body that are seldom celebrated or praised, to bring light to those features and to realise that we as Humans have to accept and Love our bodies, whether they be natural or unnatural. Each garment shows a gradual transformation and maturation, from inspiration gathered by individuals who are daring and eccentric to the realisation that oneself can achieve what they aspire to be. A dark-coloured palette represents the sleek, energetic journey of self-discovery, associated with mystery and power.


Model: Jessica
Graduate Designer – Micaela Ali

The name of the collection is Neo-Victorian an Aesthetic Movement. This collection focuses on Desire, Power, and Disposition. The central concept of this collection is to relive history by observing antique dresses and reaffirming femininity and elegance. Transparency in this collection is seen as timeless — someone is peering inside of each one of us — transparency is a symbol of elegance and power. The colour palette is a contrast between red and black colours, with laser-cut patterns that brings a chic and elegant look to the garments.


Model: Nicosia
Graduate Designer – Katherine Chan

The name of the collection is Delusion. This collection is artistic, Sexy and Double-layered. The garments have an anaglyph 3D effect mixed with a double-layer translucent fabric in each piece. The inspirational idea arose from the 3D movie effects, and the innovative asset is bringing it to fabric. As a designer, it is essential to make an initial idea as real as possible. If the illusion of a designer goes in the wrong direction, it becomes a delusion. The impossible turned possible, a unique self-presentation, self-enhancement, and ambition, pushing designers to the limit so they can bring innovation to their collections. The dark colour palette is the foundation of this collection, and Black is the centre of it all. The anaglyph 3D effect, in Red and Blue tones, are the highlight of the collection, bringing the garments to life.

best kayak

Model: Soso
Graduate Designer – Mona Vila Maior

The name of the collection is Hangover. This spring and summer collection is Demure, Youthful, and Indolent. Today’s youth wants to relax and have fun especially during the weekends. They constantly await the weekend to get drunk and get Hangover. The garments emphasize the weekend feeling on weekdays. This collection shows five garments, Monday to Friday to illustrate their weekly moods. The main colour of the palette is white, to show purity and cleanliness of the weekday feeling — hazy, casual and lazy; the dark colour is only used for embellishments.

Special thanks to:

We want to thank all the student ambassadors, frontstage and backstage that made this event possible, our TOFO team, and our PIRO team; Deputy Director General of CPTTM, Ms. Victoria Kuan, Senior Manager of Creative Fashion and Image Department, Ms. Laney Ng, the Show Director, Mrs. Mandy Fok and the CPTTM team; Professors Ana Cardoso, Maria João Nunes, Sandra Ng, João Brochado, Hélder Ferreira, Gérald Estadieu, and Filipa Martins de Abreu.

A special thank you to our Rector, Rev. Professor Stephen Morgan, our Vice-Rector for Strategic Development and Outreach, Prof. Álvaro Barbosa, and our esteemed Dean, Prof. Carlos Sena Caires, for their unconditional support to this event.

Thank you also to all who attended and watched online this fashion show by taking the time to celebrate this special moment with all the students and the USJ community.