USJ Cultural Experience Activities 2024 - Celebration of Chinese New Year





OSAA and USJSA organised a two-day cultural experience activity to share the tradition and culture of the Chinese New Year.

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and cultivate students’ interest in exploring diverse cultural festivals, the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs (OSAA) and the USJ Student Association (USJSA) organised a two-day cultural experience activity 2024 – Celebration of Lunar New Year.

The event was held on 19th and 20th February on all three USJ campuses – including the Ilha Verde Campus, the NAPE Campus and the Seminary Campus. It featured various activities such as Chinese calligraphy (shūfǎ), the art of writing Chinese characters in a stylised manner, and the tasting of traditional Chinese New Year cakes and desserts. The event was aimed to showcase the uniqueness of Chinese traditional culture to international students from all over the world.

The activity was sponsored by the Bank of China Macau Branch. During the event, students were introduced to traditional New Year food such as turnip cake, sticky rice cake (Nian Gao), and crispy pastry dumplings. It was also aimed to let students understand the cultural significance of the Chinese New Year.

Micah Shayne Bulawan Vibar, a Year-3 BBA student from the Philippines, commented, “As an international student, Chinese cultural activity is a great experience. I was able to learn how to write Chinese calligraphy for the first time which I found hard yet fun.”

Richard Adrian Pastorin Vallesteros, President of the General Assembly of the USJSA, said,“ Nape Campus provided international students with an invaluable opportunity to deeply engage with the captivating tapestry of Chinese culture.”

Jaden Jude Justinian Ravindran , Internal Vice-chairperson of the Executive Committee of the USJSA, gave special thanks to OSAA for holding the event with the student association. He deeply appreciates Chinese calligraphy. “I had great fun gathering with all the USJ brothers and sisters to commemorate the Lunar New year. I hope that such an activity will be organized again in the future.” he said. 

Wish all the students and staff members good luck and peace in the Year of the Loong!