USJ Contributes to the Success of the Association of the Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) 36th Annual Conference Signing 5 MOUs and Delivering Compelling Presentations





USJ strengthens its international partnerships and explores collaborative initiatives for global outreach with AUAP member institutes at the International Conference, where Rector Morgan presented a keynote speech on leadership, and Vice-rector Barbosa presented a research on social engagement.

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) participated in the recently concluded Association of the Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) 36th Annual Conference, held under the theme “Utilizing Institutional Assets to Enhance Global Outreach” from 17 – 18 November 2023, at Siam University in Bangkok, Thailand. USJ was represented by a delegation formed by its Rector and Member of the Executive Board of AUAP, Reverend Professor Stephen Morgan, Vice-Rector for Internationalisation and Academic Affairs, Professor Álvaro Barbosa, Manager of the International Affairs Office, Mrs. Ana Paula Mota, and Senior Officer of the International Affairs Office, Ms. Kitieng Chan.

The Conference provided a platform for researchers, developers, and educators to explore innovative solutions to emerging global challenges in higher education areas, focusing on healthcare procedures, nutrition supplements, environmental remedies, and software solutions.

In line with USJ’s commitment to fostering international collaboration, the University has forged Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with five higher education institutions, these include American International University-Bangladesh, San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila, Philippines, John von Neumann University, Hungary, Daffodil Institute of IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Jagran Lakecity University, India. These agreements encapsulate a wide spectrum of collaboration initiatives such as collaborative research, joint projects, cultural and academic exchanges, joint supervision of theses, and participation in seminars, workshops, conferences, and academic meetings. Notably, with San Sebastian College- Recoletos and John von Neumann University, the potential for the establishment of double degree programmes is being explored.

At the Conference, Rector, Rev. Prof. Stephen Morgan delivered his keynote presentation on “Audacity, Courage, and Good Eyesight – Leadership as an Institutional Asset”, and Vice-Rector Prof. Álvaro Barbosa shared a research on “Leveraging University Assets: Student Engagement in Community Outreach through Health Care in Macau”, a collaborative effort between Vice-Rector of USJ Dr. Teresa Loong, Head of the Office for Student and Alumni Affairs Ms. Jenny Lam, and himself.

The event was highly successful, featuring remarkable and insightful presentations related to various fields and valuable networking opportunities. As USJ looks ahead, the commitment to contributing to the sustainable development of society through international collaborations remains at the forefront of its mission.

(Photo: Rector, Rev. Prof. Stephen Morgan delivering his keynote speech on “Audacity, Courage, and Good Eyesight- Leadership as an Institutional Asset” during the event)

(Photo: Vice-Rector of USJ Prof. Álvaro Barbosa sharing a research on “Leveraging University Assets: Student Engagement in Community Outreach through Health Care in Macau”)

(Photo: AUAP Delegates)

(Photo: USJ Delegation, from left to right – Ana Paula Mota, Álvaro Barbosa, Stephen Morgan, Kitieng Chan)

About AUAP:

Founded in 1995, the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) presently has over 170 regular members from 28 countries and territories as well as five associate members consisting of regional organisations based in four countries. AUAP aims to stimulate the cooperation among universities in which to contribute the improvement of national systems of higher education, economic, social and human resources development, to mutual understanding and respect among people, and to strengthen their institutional capacity to serve society.