USJ attended the "Safe School Network" 15th Anniversary Crime Prevention Communication Meeting





USJ Vice-Rector Dr. Teresa Loong attended the “Safe School Network” 15th Anniversary Crime Prevention Communication Meeting on 12 December, where she shared USJ’s crime prevention initiatives with the Judiciary Police.

Judiciary Police (PJ) hosted a “Safe School Network” 15th Anniversary Crime Prevention Communication Meeting on 12 December 2023.  The campaign invited 87 headmasters or representatives from 71 Higher Education Institutions and Non-tertiary Education schools in Macao. Through the exchanges and strengthening of collaboration between the police, the schools and institutions, PJ intends to mobilize the strengths of all sectors to jointly protect the safety and healthy growth of young people.

Staff and students of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) were invited to attend the event and exchanged views with the Judiciary Police representatives. According to Dr. Teresa Loong, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, stated that, in the future, USJ will continue to communicate with the parents of mainland students, making them the first to prevent fraud, while at the same time, it is particularly important to strengthen the knowledge of the staff in preventing fraud. 

In terms of laws and regulations, she pointed out that Thailand was the first country in Asia to legalize cannabis recently, and expressed concern for students, particularly international students, who should be aware of Macao’s laws in order to avoid breaking the law by possessing cannabis and to establish effective communication, which is another aspect of the university’s campus publicity work that the USJ students value highly.

At the event, PJ awarded 30 schools and institutions with the “Police-School Cooperative Crime Prevention Certificate” in recognition of their active participation in the Police’s youth crime prevention work. USJ also presented a souvenir to JP and expressed its gratitude to the authorities for their efforts in promoting crime prevention over the years.

*all photo provided by Judiciary Police website