Notice of Examination for Aggregation | Dr. João Alexandre Lobo Marques





USJ Announcement: Notice of Examination for Aggregation for Dr. João Alexandre Lobo Marques.

The Reverend Professor Stephen Morgan, Rector of the University of Saint Joseph, Macao, hereby announces that the Aggregation Examination in the knowledge branch of Information Systems, speciality Data Sciences, requested by 




will be held in the Conference Room of the USJ Library, in the Ilha Verde campus on 5th July 2024, at 6:00 pm with the following schedule: 


5th July 2024, at 6:00 pm:

– Analysis, assessment, and discussion of the curriculum vitae by Professor Isabel Maria de Oliveira Capeloa Gil, Portuguese Catholic University, and Professor Álvaro Manuel Mendes Barbosa, University of Saint Joseph.

– Assessment of the pedagogical report on the learning unit “LIS217_BA| MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS” by Professor Susana Costa e Silva, Portuguese Catholic University.


5th July 2024, at 9:00 pm:

– Assessment and discussion of the lesson/seminar entitled “The AI Project Manager” by Professor Paulo César Cortez, Federal University of Ceará, Brazil.


Once the examination is completed, the jury will meet to assess the candidate’s performance and determine whether the title of Aggregation may be granted. 


The respective minutes will include a comprehensive summary of the proceedings and result. They will be published subsequent to the examination, in accordance with the University’s regulations.

The Rev’d Prof Stephen Morgan


20th June 2024


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